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Kenny as the PC in Season 2. Thoughts?

posted by Robert Morgan on - last edited - Viewed by 340 users

Considering how many threads have been made about Kenny in this forum, it's pretty safe to say he's a popular character, for better or worse.

With that taken into account, I can't help wondering how fans would feel about Kenny becoming the PC in Season 2...assuming he escaped from the walker hordes in episode 5.

Think about it for a moment. In terms of a natural progression from one season to another, Kenny would be an ideal for an upgrade from NPC to PC following Lee's death - more so than creating an entirely new PC from scratch, anyway. The fate of his family would also leave Kenny in the same basic state Lee was in at the beginning of the first game; a seemingly broken man with a tragic past. Just as the first season was about Lee's redemption amidst the zombie apocalypse, the second season could be about Kenny struggling to find a reason to live again, after the world has already taken everything from him.

One way or another, it'd definitely allow for an exciting opening to season 2, beginning just a few seconds after Kenny's final scene in episode 5. We'd immediately assume control of Kenny moments after he's saved Christa or shot Ben, and then aid him in his escape. He would subsequently join up with a new survivor group somewhere in Savannah.

This is just one idea among many ideas, but I just wanted to throw it out there for internet consumption.


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  • His personality is very, VERY defined...

    What don't you people understand about that?

  • I'd hate that. I'm Team Kenny all the way, but playing as someone who was as major of a character as he was would be bad. What made Lee so great was, that while he had great writing, his personality was that of the player's. Kenny's personality is set in stone and it would feel weird playing as him in season 2.

  • @That1Guy said: I don't like this idea. Many players dislike him, others just want him to be gone. Not to mention his personality is already defined. I'd rather it'd be Molly, honestly.

    Exactly. I know many people who could not stand Kenny and the statistics show that people all over are just as divided. Don't think telltale would choose a character like that. Besides....I don't see you having a big option of things to say considering Kenny is well...Kenny and thoroughly fleshed out.

  • @That1Guy said: I'd rather it'd be Molly, honestly.

    Yeah, maybe Molly would be better.

    @That1Guy said: Hell, maybe somebody should post a "Lilly as the PC in season 2" thread just to balance things out.

    I don't think anybody likes Lily after ep 3.

  • Half the fanbase wouldn't buy season two because of their hatred for the character so... Bad idea. Not to mention Kenny already has an established character, we couldn't mold him into what we wanted.

    That character's arc ended anyways, he's dead.

  • For Kenny to be the new lead character, he would have to be alive. I just don't think he is. Whichever way he goes, he's surrounded by walkers with no exit in sight. There's no way he comes out of that. For those who want to point to the comics and cite Tyresse as a precedent, let me say one thing; that event added nothing to the story. People thought he was dead, they found him the next day just fine, nothing was affected. If he never got trapped in the gym, nothing would be different. They would just resupply and clear out the rest another day.

    So, no, I don't want Kenny as the next player character. His story ended. Yes, it was tragic, but at least he died accomplishing something. Either he saves Christa, or he makes peace with Ben by fighting against all odds to save him.

    As for using Clementine as a reason for him to live again, that defeats the point of season 1's finale. Clementine is now prepared to live in a zombie world. She doesn't need a guardian anymore. that's not to say that she doesn't need a helping hand or people with different skill sets, but she can take care of her own safety. Kenny jumping in and becoming the next Lee would ruin what Lee was trying to do... although that does seem like the Kenny I know from some of my playthroughs :p. But seriously, no matter how you reacted towards Kenny, by the end, he and Lee reconciled to the point where I don't think he'd do that.

  • I honestly wouldn't mind if he was, but I'd rather have him seen in another group, and you find him maybe in Episode 7 or 8?

    Then he's nice to you, if you're Clem. I don't know D:

  • Maybe as a temporary PC. Prefer a new person you can define.

  • Maybe he could show up (if he lived) as a Vernon-like character for an Episode, where he helps out your group much like Vernon and Brie did in Crawford, then goes on his merry way (without the whole"screwing-you-over-when-you're-not-looking" part that Vernon did afterward) but that is about as much as they can do with him, I'd think.

  • @CarScar said: Half the fanbase wouldn't buy season two because of their hatred for the character so... Bad idea. Not to mention Kenny already has an established character, we couldn't mold him into what we wanted.

    There's a way around that. It's safe to assume we'd be dealing with new settings and (mostly) a new cast. Nor would Kenny make a habit out of talking about the ugly incidents that happened in the previous game. I think that applies to almost everyone in the WD universe too; who you were or what you did sort of becomes irrelevant after the zombie apocalypse, unless you were such an evil bastard you couldn't be trusted regardless of what's going on around you.

    Any references to Lee in particular, for example, could be kept to a minimum. When asked about Lee, Kenny's responses would still depend on your treatment of his character in the first game, but his dialogue would be left ambiguous (i.e. "he was a better friend than I deserved," or "he and I...had problems").

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