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Awesome Pony Fighting Game

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Anybody Interested in making an awesome game?

Awesome Pony Fighting Game.
This will be an open source 2d pony fighter game with original characters.


By contributing to this project (Awesome Pony Fighting Game) you agree that your contribution is considered to be released under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported (CC BY 3.0) License(SEE

All code will be released under GPL.

Do not use copyrighted characters,locations or anything else that is copyrighted. Use only assets that are under Creative Commons Attribution CC BY.

Step 1

The Art
Here something I commissioned. The SVG files are broken but someone is working on fixing it.
We will create original characters using this.Use Inkscape to make vector art.
After you have created the art in Inkscape port it using the SIF exporter extension for Inkscape

Step 2
How is this game going to made?

Sprite animation

We will be using the Linux version of Synfig a free and open source software.Here is the latest version . There is a windows version available at but its dated.If anyone willing to port the Linux version to windows it would be awesome.Here is a tutorial on how to make sprite animations using Inkscape and Synfig

On a side note it is also important that this person's Indiegogo campaign become successful
He is responsible for creating the Stickman template we will be using for this project. Here is tutorial series for the Stickman

Also here is a tutorial for creating good sprites

The Engine

For the game engine we will be using the the free and open source Fabula Game Engine.
We will need to port the code from an open source fighting game engine under GPL.


Animate a Walk Cycle Using Synfig
Make Pegasus Fly(Annoying.)
1 Magical Attack. Fireballs from Unicorn head.
Idle animation.
Jump Attack.
Animate a trot and run cycle.

What we need

[*] Vector Artists
[*] Thats it.

Current Time-line.

We currently have to wait for the next stable version of Synfig.You can make the process faster by helping them.Go here to help

They need Developers, packagers, bug testers, translators, artists, web developers, wiki writers... you can contribute!

We also have to wait for the SVGS file to be fixed and for a new improved version of the model sheets.

The Stickman improved version with character template is not released so we have to wait for it.Here is how it looks

After the improved Stickman is released we have to make a Stickman for 4 legged creatures.

Things to do right now.

Someone has to port the code from zero2d to the Fabula Game Engine. Any takers.

The ability to dock un-dock Synfig windows is important.We need someone to program it.

A pony creator like thing for Synfig to store all the assets is also important. .We also need someone to program something like that.

Whats the gameplay.

You will chose to be either earth pony, Pegasus or unicorn.
You are on an isometric square(by square I mean the shape square).

There is an NPC you can talk to and an earth pony.

Go to the earth pony talk to her then their will be a scene transition like Pokemon.

The game will now switch to fighting game graphics like street fighter which are Side-scrolling

You fight her.

If you lose there will be different dialogue then if you win.

Thats the entire game.

I commissioned the model sheets. I now have to wait for the SVG files to be fixed and the commission someone to make a more show accurate version.

Suggestions and Questions are recommended since I am lazy.

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