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Fan Fic- Season 2 Storyline

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Alright here is a storyline that I would find interesting for the second season of The Walking Dead Game. What do you think? Sorry it is kinda long.

The game starts with a black screen, all we hear is walkers and screams, maybe some gunshots and guts. Then suddenly we are whipped into the role of a 25 year old male, we start fighting our way through what looks to be an overrun military base. All around us we see women, children and men getting ripped apart and eaten alive.

Our first objective is to save as many people as we can, the ones we chose save will be with us for the foreseeable future. Kids, Women, Men, who do you save? After saving four people, the heard of walkers gets too strong and you are separated from the others you could have saved. You and the new group are then forced to flee from the military base.

As you escape through the gates, you run into two more survivors who appear to be military. After some discussion they join with your group and you continue to run further from the base and into the woods. Where you eventually find a place to make camp for the night, and discuss your options.

You fall asleep leaving two men to watch for walkers. You are woken up for your turn at keeping guard, you and another survivor talk for a few minutes until you are startled by a twig snapping in the shadows. You pull up your machete and your partner grabs his pistol. The rustling of the underbrush gets closer until a figure appears in the light of your fire revealing everything but the face, just as you are about to destroy the brain the figure yells wait!

This alerts the others who are sleeping, and everyone gets up and surrounds this new character who judging by the voice sounds female. With guns drawn and knives poised to strike, you command her to show herself to the group, she slowly steps out and as the light crosses her face, it is revealed to be a familiar face. Lilly. (This only occurs if you chose to leave her behind in episode 3 of season 1)

She explains how her group had been ambushed by a horde of walkers and she was abandoned by her group who fled to escape. Now you can ask follow up questions, because you notice she is unstable and a mess (and we know the truth) or you can let it slide. She continues to say she has been stumbling through the woods for days, and heard the gunshots from the base and headed that way. She appears to be normal to the rest of the group even if your uncomfortable with it (knowing the truth) she is allowed to stay.
After further discussion of what the plan should be, the best plan becomes apparent to find the military base near Savanna that the two military soldiers had contact with through radio before their base was overrun. They appear to have everything under control and a stronger military presence to keep the biters out. So your journey begins with the four you chose to save, the two soldiers and Lilly.

Along the way (over the course of episodes) we run into two other groups, one that we talked to for a while, but had other plans and continued on their own path. The other was a group of men, who stole, raped, and murdered the people they came across. But this is unknown to the group, although you are smart enough to not let them join your group and send them on their way, they decide to follow your group without your knowledge.

One night, you wake up to rustling in the bushes and a mumbled screaming noise as if someone is yelling with a hand over their mouth. You sneak into the woods and discover Lilly getting held down by two men as a third man begins to unbuckle his belt. A fourth man is standing guard watching out.

You slowly sneak up on the fourth man and stick a knife through his skull. The third man sees this and reaches for his gun, but you throw your knife into his chest. The other two holding her down realize they are under attack and lose their grip. Lilly breaks free and steals one of their guns. Lilly blasts the two other men, then walks over to the man with a knife in his chest (the one who was removing his belt) and she places the pistol against his crotch and pulls the trigger.

Now Lilly owes you, and appreciates what you did for her. You and Lilly make a pretty good team from there on out. You and your group continue to make your way towards Savanna, But the road is not easy. Several group members die along the way, either from walkers or wicked men. You come across an abandoned RV near the railroad which Lilly seems to recognize. You catch Lilly browsing over a stash of paper with leaf drawings and a child pictures of different people who she seemed to know. You can question her about it, or let it go.

(Now if you did not leave Lilly behind in season 1 and she stole the RV, the previous events will have taken place with one of the people you saved at the beginning and not Lilly. And you will not have run into the RV at the railroad. Instead you will have run into the RV down the road aways where Lilly had run off with it but didn’t get far because the lack of gas. When you find the RV you also find Lilly who had locked herself in the RV due to a heard that had come across. Then you continue from here.)

It doesn’t take long until a power struggle becomes apparent between you and one of the military soldiers. But you push on towards Savanna in hope of finding the functioning military base. Your group now consists of the one military soldier, you, Lilly, and two of the people you saved in the beginning, the rest have fallen along the way.

You make it to the hills outside of Savanna, and can see the city. But the base is on the other side, you discuss what you should do with the remaining group, but you are divided. You can hear the bells of a church ringing from the city, there is life down there, but the risk seems too high to go into the city. The military soldier and the two people you saved want to go through the city, look for help and supplies then continue to the base. Lilly wants to avoid the city and go around. But in the end, the group goes into the city.

While in the city you no longer hear the bells ringing, but you do find a mutilated walker Ben that cant move in the bell tower at Crawford as you search for supplies. ( if you dropped Ben, if not you eventually find him dead with a bullet hole through his head.)

You continue on through the city but are ambushed by a horde of walkers, and you notice the marsh house behind you (if you are observant, it would be very subtle) but you take cover through a back door of a building nearby, but lose everyone except you and Lilly. Once in the building you come across a walker Lee or dead Lee. Lilly cant help but lose it, as she throws up and possibly cries depending on how you treated her in Season 1.

From there you leave the same way Clem did in Episode 5, and make a strait shot to the hills. You and Lilly walk for a while along the ridgeline until you come across a young girl alone in the fields. She comes with you, although depending on the advice and the sight of Lilly it takes some convincing.

You and Clem and Lilly now travel to the military base, After several events and a long time searching you find it, and are permitted in. Experiments of sorts are being conducted and cures are being formulated with no end, and no success. But for a while it sort of feels like home. Food, a roof over your head, kids and families, protection. But as we know, there are no happy endings in TWD.

The general in charge of the base, is a nice man and becomes a good friend to you and much enjoys the personality and company of Clem. But a military coo is occurring in the shadows of the base, and the general is executed and a new man steps up to the plate, but this man looks familiar?


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