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Limited Choices discussion (merged threads)

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I was a bit disappointed with the story choices. Reminded me of LA Noir, where most game choices are superficial. If you pick Shawn he still dies the same. Even if the other chosen character died(Doug or Carlie), the other said the same things. And no matter what I said nothing changed story points, like Larry shoving you down even if you side with him. Oh and with Glenn, if you hand the girl the gun he says how can you let people give up but if you refuse he says how can you deny someone's choice! The character's in the game should have the same convictions no matter what you choose, this is unacceptable character development.

Supposedly the choices of Episode 1 greatly affect how everyone views you though... I sure hope the following episodes prove more impressive with the choices, and I realllllly hope it branches out and expands more. For a 2hr game it should have a lot more possibilities.

I know it's only a $5 game, just please don't let me down.

Otherwise, the story itself was awesome, the gameplay is really good and the art style is incredible. Still the best TT game to date! Keep it up guys!

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  • @mz3 said: I don't know why we didn't have any option to save chuck or leave him behind.or about hershel's son.and in episode 4 there isn't any difference between lee go alone or not.
    they miss the boat Anyway.kenny's death is unacceptable when you don't save ben.and more .....
    I hope in season 2 we have wider choices with Different consequences and we make the game.

    I definitely agree. The game was amazing but it would a been better if your choices made a much bigger impact on the game itself.

  • [B]Just a question for u guys don't you think if you choose to have lily back in the RV when she shot Carley that she is returning in Season 2 of the game?[/B]

  • @Janickje said: [B]Just a question for u guys don't you think if you choose to have lily back in the RV when she shot Carley that she is returning in Season 2 of the game?[/B]

    Originally Lilly's departure was in part because she was one of the characters in the comic and the game is supposed to be canon with the comic. Since then that comic character was given a new backstory by the comic's author which means game Lilly is now considered an original character. So odds are she may come back in the next season, even if it wasn't originally planned that way.

  • @Arbitrator said: "The story is TAILORED to your decisions".

    It should say "The dialogue is tailored to your decisions". :cool:

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    Some of the decisions which had very little consequence could actually have a purpose in the second season. If Lilly were to return, it would be a nice feature to have her angry/likely to go for your group if you kicked her off the RV, and friendlier if you didn't. Likewise, Kenny should appear if you let Ben die. It would also add more replay-ability to the first season.

    In terms of choices, there should be more chances to actually influence the story. Things like the choice between Doug or Carley was an actual choice, even if it was purely cosmetic. More choices like that, and choosing between which character in the group to save, require almost nothing to implement and would make a big difference. Likewise, decisions such as cutting people loose - although they may not later influence the story - give you some sort of choice. It would just be nice to see some of those choices actually matter, too; such as saving Lilly and then being able to convince her not to go (even if she was scripted to die/leave soon after even with this), or being able to choose Omid/Christa to go down with you to help Ben.

    One of the easiest examples of a choice which had literally no difference beyond dialogue but should have was The Stranger who captures Clementine. The only difference is a few lines about leaving him and his family stranded. It's powerful until you play through without doing this and realise it makes absolutely no difference to his mood. Working some softer dialogue in, where he's thankful for you not taking the supplies personally etc, would actually give the choice some meaning.

    As for people complaining about release dates... I'd rather wait a year longer and have a game with a couple more story branches, better correlation between the two seasons and actual consequences from my choices beyond character's attitudes.

  • Personally I love the game and think that the choices your Lee made will make more of a impact later on (although they did make a difference this season)

    The only thing that annoys me is like other people have said not having the choice to save Carley, They could have at least carried her on to the last episode and that our way our choices at least made one big impact this season :) and the same if you choose Doug but tbh it's Carley all the way for me! :)

  • If waiting longer means Choices that matter i would wait.

  • @GREYxDUZxKRUSH said: If waiting longer means Choices that matter i would wait.

    I agree

  • I didn't complain about the first season's singular ending, because I'm glad they had one incredible finale rather than three or four quick endings.

    That said, I do like the idea of more branching variation in season 2, but in the hopes that it wouldn't make the rest of the story feel spread thin.

  • Somehow they have to reflect my choices in the ending for S2. All these rough choices throughout S1 for it to have no impact at the end. One ending is fine if different survivors made it to the end.So for instance at the end of E5 S1 instead of only having ben christa omid at your side maybe choices aloud carly/lily/kat/duck/chuck/doug/larry/mark to be there. Maybe only one them. Maybe none. Your choices resulted in more deaths/leaving people/Keeping the group together etc...Your style would stand out more/Loner/Group/Moral/Unmoral/survivalist etc....Just kill off and seperate who is left in E5.E5 was the shortest of the episodes so they have room. Danger was everywhere so it wouldnt be hard to accomplish. More dialugoe and clever ways of killing the survivors thats all you need.Still the same powerfull ending lee/clem jewelery store. Just with choices that counted. Just an idea because my fav choice in the game doug or carly because IT MADE A DIFFERENCE.

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