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Where is my happy Ending?

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hi everyone:) Like the title says,do you think even if it was possible or extremely difficult to accomplish, Telltale should of left a possibility even if it's ever so slim to achieve 'you're' own ending? should the players choice of being a mean Lee and letting others meet with their own demise just so you could protect Clem and yourself have greater effect? also ive seen other threads about playing as Ben or Lily as the new player for season 2? why would you choose to play as Ben? he run off when Clem was surrounded in Savanah and Lee asked him to save her,and Lily although badass wouldn't be a right choice,heres my question because i can't see how this wouldn't work and with the fan support...DID LEE ACTUALLY DIE AT THE END WHEN CLEM LEAVES OR JUST PASS OUT AGAIN(if you choose not to have her blow your brains out? what if? Lee wakes up,tied to the radiator,one arm gone,realises hes still alive and sets about finding clem all over again,tracking her down,meeting new groups,heading into the countryside,this could be great:)

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