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Dan Connors at BAFTA Games Question Time

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If you missed the BAFTA Games Question Time livestream today, you might like to check out the video available on their website. It's a panel discussion between BAFTA Video Game Award nominees, featuring questions from the audience (including the internet audience).

Participants are:
[*]Dan Connors - CEO, director, co-founder, Telltale Games, nominated for The Walking Dead
[*]Barry Meade - Co-founder and director, Fireproof Studios Ltd, nominated for The Room
[*]Jessica Curry - Composer and co-director, thechineseroom, nominated for Dear Esther
[*]Mike Bithell - Creator and game designer, nominated for Thomas Was Alone

Some great subjects came up during the discussion, including story vs gameplay, video games as experiential art, and why devs are often quiet about projects in the pipeline. Definitely an interesting mix of opinions!

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