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The Writing Thread

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Herein lies the Writing Thread! Usually I just post something brief and then allow the participants to engage one another, unshackled by rules like a meeting of Tea Partiers in a debate with Muslims.

However! I propose the following rules to the writing thread, and what this thread should be about.

1.) This thread should obviously be about your own writing.

Your post should be about one of the following things.
2.) A pitch. A story you're thinking about writing, ideas you're tossing around to solicit for feedback.

3.) Brief poetry can be posted in full. Just don't make your poetry a full length story.

4.) A short story you've written that you would like to post, in part. Since a short story can run 2000 to 5000 words, do not post in full. You may post sensible length excerpts, preceded by synopsis of that portion of the story for context.

5.) A long story or novel you've written that you'd like to post, in part. Since a novel can run from 80000 words to 120000 words or more, do not post in full. You may post a sensible length excerpt, preceded by synopsis of that portion of the story for context.

Things to avoid.
Don't get in a hissy fit about criticism. It's the only way to grow as a writer.

Don't just criticize to criticize. In other words, don't be a Debby Downer. List what you think a writer did well, in addition to criticism. Tone means a lot. Don't be overly negative in the tone of your criticism.

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  • That reminds me, I have to start writing something that begins with this:

    It all started with an ostrich.

  • @Alcoremortis said: That reminds me, I have to start writing something that begins with this:

    It all started with an ostrich.

    Coincidentally I just read a book that ends with an Ostrich! XD

  • Well, damn. Now it's not original anymore. Back to the drawing board!

  • @RetroVortex said: Good thing I have myself set up to get free books daily, (classic stuff via Moon reader, and modern stuff via this daily free book blog on Amazon. Mostly crap stuff but sometimes I find something of interest to grab for later (you can just change the amazon extension from. Com to Co. UK to get the UK version of the book page to download it >;-))) .

    As for the writing part, I think I'll stick to one story at a time. (after all some famous authors only ever wrote the odd book here and there. (content isn't everything you know.;-)) And I think this one I'm thinking about at the moment might be a pretty good one, once it's all fully planned out.

    I have the idea for the first chapter planned out already, (well, a lot more than that. I have the beginning, the ending and some key events and characters and lore. Just not quite enough to string it together yet) . In fact I think I may have already described it before.
    Just trying to write it out properly now.
    (which I'll admit is a odd challenge for me, since I have an unusual tendency to condense my writing as much as possible. Many assignments I run under word count because I just seem to say the same stuff as others a little more efficiently. Of course I don't want to babble, but that first chapter/scene/custscene/intro/splashscreen/level has to grab the audiences attention, so I really want to think hard about setting up an interesting scene to spark that curiosity and get that momentum going off the bat)

    No matter how I go about it, (already reconsidering how I should set it up! XD), I know what the first sentence is going to be:

    Two dark figures moved across the desert sand.

    (it just HAS to start with that line. It just popped into my head one day when I was thinking about that opening scene, and it has never left since.)

    Are you trying to write a book or what?

  • @DAISHI said:
    I've just been asked to send in a portion of my manuscript to one of the agents I queried! Huzzah! The first step to publishing my first full novel is underway!

    I’ve said it before, I’ve never even considered publishing one of my novels. At least you’ve mustered up the balls to try to get one of yours own in stores. Congrats.

    P.S., Telltale Murder Mystery is going nowhere at the moment. I’m not canceling it, I’m just putting it on hold for the moment while I try to re-work some plot holes.

  • Nothing wrong with hobby writing.

  • Here's part of the chapter The Thorn of my novel Eldritch Fairytales. I prefer it if you just purchase it, but if you have to, until the end of this month you can get it for free using the coupon code ELDRITCHFAIRYTALESTTG.

    * * * * *

    As it was already late in the day, Morgan went home, and while we ourselves were heading home, I got a phone call from Jacob, asking if we could pay the office a visit. When we got there, the place was empty, and all the lights were out.

    “I don’t think I like this,” Diana said. She held my hand real tight, afraid something might have been here. We then heard something moving.

    “Jacob?” she said.

    “Be quiet,” I whispered to her. “I’ve seen enough horror movies to know where this is going. Now we need to quietly get out of the building before we actually get killed.”

    As we turned around, though, we found that it was already night.

    “Run?” she said.

    “Run,” I said.

    We ran towards the exit, still holding each other’s hand, perhaps even tighter than before. Right at that point, we both heard an unearthly howl coming from behind us, and the sound of something big heading right at us. We quickly got outside, slammed the door shut and continued to run as fast as we could. We both weren’t sure if the door would hold it inside, and, unfortunately, it didn’t.

    We continued to run further away, and even though neither of us looked behind us, we noticed the street lights behind us turning off one by one, all while something was following us. We then headed to an alley, because we both assumed that whatever was following us probably couldn’t follow us here, due to the size we assumed it had. It wasn’t the worst idea we could have had, as the alley did slow it down a little, but the experience we had running through that alley wasn’t really great, for as we made our way to the other side, we could clearly see around us people, unmoving, expressionless, hollow even. They didn’t seem to have any eyes and their skin was the palest I’ve ever seen. They were all standing there, staring into nothingness, like ghosts. I wasn’t even sure if they were there, but Diana told me she saw them as well.

    Just as we were halfway though, things changed. No longer were they staring passed us, they were all turning their heads towards us. When you’re running, you don’t often seem to notice how close things are until you actually pay attention, and in a small alley like this one, there’s really not a lot of room to stand in. We could almost feel their breath. Almost, because none of them seemed to be breathing at all. We were running as fast as we could, but it seemed like an eternity.

    We finally got out of that alley into a fully lit street. It wasn’t over, though. Right there, across the street, we could see a person hunched down, properly dressed. As the person got up though, we noticed that it wasn’t a human being. It was around ten feet tall, no hair, and when it turned around, we noticed it lacked a nose, mouth and ears, only leaving two pitch-dark eyes. It then approached us, and for some reason, we were frozen in place. When it came close, it hunched over, taking a good look at us. Finally, it stood upright, and despite it not having a mouth, it began to howl, after which every light went out for just a second. When they turned on again, it was gone, and we were free to move.

  • Oh, I forgot to mention. I got bored and invented a country based on this image.


    Their chief export is lawyers. Yup.

  • Do they breed them first, or do they eventually run out of lawyers and die as a civilization.

  • @Secret Fawful said: Do they breed them first, or do they eventually run out of lawyers and die as a civilization.

    Lawyers aren't born silly!
    Their manufactured out of raw lawdonium, a jet black mineral unique only to Lawdonia
    (how exactly they are created has been kept a secret till this day, but secret import documents leaked from their government suggest that eel hearts and lizard blood are key ingredients)

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