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Something I don't understand.

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So originally, they were going to make you play as Clementine's brother. but the idea was scrapped because they didn't like the idea of having a pre-existing relationship with Clementine, alright fair enough. So the only change necessary was to make a young adult or late teen(Between the age of 17-20) to bump into Clementine, that would've fixed the whole " pre-existing relationship thing " and as the game went along they could have developed a brother and sister type relationship. Right?

But they didn't do it that way, it would have made the most sense, so instead, they made alot of changes..without any explanation.

They changed the relationship from a brother figure to a father figure
They changed the main character to African American
They changed Clementine's ethnicity from Caucasian to African American(So people would think she is Lee's daugther)
They changed it so Clementine has a mother and a father. Originally, Clementine didn't have a father.

Is it explained anywhere why all these changes were made? honestly, I know I am one of the very few people to say this, but I would have preferred to play as a brotherly figure. At least Clementine would have felt more like a companion and somebody I am just looking out for than playing daddy. It wouldnt have felt like a daddy simulator.

Not to mention that this has been done SO MANY TIMES in other games already. Hell, Dead Rising 2 had a similar setting where I had to take care of a little girl.

So yeah, does anybody have any input on this?

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