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Kickerstarters and old Adventure games: has anyone pledged?

posted by doom saber on - last edited - Viewed by 821 users

I noticed that there has been a frequent spike in Adventure games Kickerstarter projects recently; from games to the Leisure Suit Larry remakes to the Broken Sword sequel, almost every non Lucasarts game you can think of is getting a remake or a spiritual/direct sequel. With that said, has anyone pledged for an adventure game Kickerstarter project?

I pledged $250 for the Broken Sword game. I wanted to pledge for the Larry games, but I missed the deadline. Even though the Kickerstarter has ended for the Broken Sword game, it appears that one can still donate or edit their donations through the revolution game - I am tempted to donate 8 more dollars to get the Order of the Goat membership despite having no idea what the membership is exactly for.

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