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Your favorite quote from each character

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For example, here's mine-
Kenny: "Where's you get the bottle?!" "-Fouuund it =D"
Lee: " Batteries? You sure you can handle those?"
Ben: "(Clementine) Chuck gave us candy! Ben too! (Ben) *Looks up, chewing*"
Chuck: "Y'all want some candy?"
Doug: "It was Morse code"
Carley: "Take a page from Lee's book and try helping somebody for once"
Clementine: " Don't lick the salt lick, it's horrible" - Did you lick it? "I don't know"
Beatrice: "GO AWAY!!"
Larry: "I've got charm comin' outta my ass"
Mark: " Don't... eat... dinner..."
Travis: "Shut up, Ben! My dad was special forces, i know what I'm doing!"

This is a long list but it's just an example.

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  • Quotes aren't 100% accurate.

    Lee: "Stay close to me."
    Clementine: "Ben's nice. He's my friend! We don't leave friends behind, that's my vote."

    The Stranger: "You son of a bitch... Just go away... DIE!!"

    Kenny: "I forgive her, but it doesn't make it any less wrong. You stick it out, help the people you care about."
    Katjaa: "The right thing is scary sometimes..."
    Kenny Jr.: "You can be the greatest detective and I'll be Dick Grayson! Your ward!"

    Lilly: "My dad treated you like an asshole, knew the truth about you and you still tried to save him. The last thing you need to do is apologize."
    Larry: "Hey little boy, before you eat your mommy you can watch your dad's nose get broken."

    Christa: "What good is it to give up?"
    Omid: "... and I'm a fucking scrapper."

    Carley: "Look, I've seen situations like yours a thousand times, it doesn't have to make you a bad man."
    Doug: "Carley's nice, ya know... Lilly is the one who keeps us in line, putting us on watch and stuff. And Larry... He's kind of a dick, pardon my French."

    Molly: "... and in the end, I couldn't protect her."
    Vernon: "Now I just take everything in stride."
    Brie: "Why not? It'd be more of a mercy than Crawford has ever showed us."

    Glenn: "I wont give up, not for anything."
    Mark: "Come on Lilly, these are people. People who are just trying to survive, just like us. We got to stick together to survive!"

    Charles: "For whom the bell tolls... it tolls for thee."

    Hershel Greene: "Your son is alive, you don't get to be sorry!"
    Shawn Greene: "Don't worry about it Lee. Couldn't leave you behind."

    Andy St. John: "What did you do? What the fuck did you do? Don't you dare walk away from me Lee! Come back here and finish this Lee!"
    Danny St. John: "Eerrghhh! You see?! You understand now don't you?! You can have me! It's how the world works now! Give part of yourself, so others can live!"
    Brenda St. John: "Being brought up in rural Georgia you're taught not to waste."

  • Ben:
    "I have my thoughts, and well...I've been reading the Bible i found in my room."
    "Oh god, not more strangers."
    "I knew it! I told you we couldn't trust these people!"
    "Maybe we or something like that."
    "We don't need all these votes!"
    "Fuck you, Lee! I can't do this anymore!"
    "Lee, we both know. Let me go."

    "You're gonna whoop me? You and what homo parade?"
    "Go piss up a flagpole, Lee."
    "Good vibe? Whoa, daddy-o, I'm sorry the people with food and DEFENSES didn't tickle your pretty pink ass."
    "Don't tell me what to do, Lee."
    "I'm gonna rip your heads off, then shove 'em back down your throat!"
    "What the...fucking...what...fuck!"
    "It's Larry. And I'm fuckin' sorry."

    "You want the good news, or the bad news?"
    "I guess that was too tough a question, so I'll give you the bad news."
    "I'll make that bastard wish the cancer had got him."
    "That's fuckin' stupid, Ben."
    "I don't know what that does yet, so don't touch it."
    "I said don't touch it, jackass!"
    "There ain't no way this world lets my son live, when i helped put someone else's in the ground."
    "You said you could do it, Kat! You said you could do it!"
    "[in response to Molly saving his life]Huh, yeah...but what has she done for me lately?"
    "Now hold on a damn minute, I'm not goin' if this little shitbird is, too. Lee, you wanna bring Clementine back alive, you'll leave him behind. He fucks up everything he touches."
    "Sure, this is America! Fuck it, put it to a vote!"
    "Don't you tell me to wake up. I got a real family I'm tryin' to protect, not that fuckin' SHAM you're runnin' back there!"
    "I fuckin' hate you, Lee! Do you hear me? I...I don't know what to do..."
    "You might become one of them! HOW CAN YOU BE FUCKIN' CALM ABOUT THAT!?
    "Sorry partner, no dice. No way in hell am i lettin' you do this alone. I'm sure Christa and Omid feel the same way."
    "Get the fuck outta here. Go back. She needs you, Lee. THIS IS NOT A DISCUSSION!"
    "I either save the boy or i get to see her. Either way. Now get back up there."

    "Holy fuck! What are we gonna do?!"
    "What are you gonna do?!"
    "What the fuck!?"(i love the way he says these lines)
    "It's his. He's bitten! HE'S BITTEN!"
    "When we get this guy, we'll leave you with him and get out of sight, you feel me?"

    "I could kill you. Nobody can see us, i can toss you over the rails and be done with it."
    "Tellin' a little girl she's gonna die. You want to scare people, scare me....motherfucker."
    "I said IT'S OVER! Just walk away..."
    "You know what Larry? Eat up."
    "Guess your new girlfriend's not all she's cracked up to be."
    "Who the fuck are these people in the woods?"
    "You straight up murdered that woman!"
    "Kenny, get a grip, this boat is totally fucked."
    "You're not touching me. You know exactly what to do if i turn and that's enough."
    "No 'I'm sorry your loved ones were eaten by the living dead' cards."
    "Well, shit."
    "Kenny'd probably have me pick the lock, which actually might work now that we've got the time..."
    "This is not how the world works now! YOU WON'T MAKE ME KILL YOU!"
    (many more, but this is off the top of my head)

  • @AnnaSan said: Lee: "Are you dead? HEY, ARE YOU DEAD?!"

    Oh lord when I heard it the last time I was dying!... at three in the morning... with both parents asleep xD. Nice choice.

  • Ken- I do not know who keeps doing that but when i find them im gonna ring there fuckin bell. Lee- Good One

  • @GREYxDUZxKRUSH said: Ken- I do not know who keeps doing that but when i find them im gonna ring there fuckin bell. Lee- Good One

    "Whatever man, If I find out who's ringing those bells, I'll ring their mother fucking bell for 'em."

    "Good one." ;)

  • Lee-"Fuck'em. Cancer. No cancer. Saint. Sinner. Doesn't matter. It's people who knew what they were doing." Ken-"Yea screwin us!"

  • "You threatening me, old man? Because you're not gonna like how that goes. Put the fucking gun down before you really make me mad."

    - Lee fuckin' Everett

  • Lee-Randy tudor good man, damn fine man powerful stache one of the greats.

  • @aerial-ballet said: "You threatening me, old man? Because you're not gonna like how that goes. Put the fucking gun down before you really make me mad."

    - Lee fuckin' Everett

    Also one of my favorites. There are many awesome quotes. Hope season 2 has even more great lines :)

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