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Another series / license sewn up (or simply referring to Sam & Max?)

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From here;

[quote] "We're finalizing a plan for another game series, which will get new episodes out even faster," Connors said. [/quote]

My gut feeling is that if Dan had been referring to Sam & Max, he would have namechecked them, not referred to them as 'another game series'.

Which leads me to believe that there is another as-yet-unannounced game series to be revealed. Also because Conners used 'series', not 'license' I hold out a little hope that Telltale consider themselves established enough with Bone, CSI and Sam & Max to have a crack at some original IP.

Would any members of the Telltale staff be able to drop by this thread and continue to not announce anything at all, yet make amusing (and irrelevant) quips that we can attempt to decypher for clues that don't exist?

Thank you kindly.

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