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What games are you looking most forward to playing?

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I am looking forward to playing:
Sly cooper thieves in time,
PS All-Stars (I have played the beta),
Ratchet & Clank Qforce,
Assassin's Creed 3,
Black Ops 2,
Family Guy Back to the Multiverse,
Black Ops Declassifed,
Sonic & All Stars racing transformed,
The Last Of Us,
Little Big Planet Karting.
South Park the stick of truth.

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  • @MusicallyInspired said: It was announced with a teaser and some information and screenshots a year or two ago. Very promising stuff. And then there was just nothing other than Bethesda saying that it wasn't up to their specifications and they weren't willing to compromise and release it too soon at the cost of quality. And now it looks like it's making another comeback.

    That's wonderful news, I can't wait till March 1st!

    Also on a similar note, I can not wait for Cyberpunk 2077

  • The South Park RPG game by made by Obsidian. I love South Park, and I both love and dread the the stuff Obsidian comes out with.

  • The Walking Dead: Season 2
    Double Fine Adventure
    The Night of The Rabbit (New title for Daedalic's "The Rabbit's Apprentice")
    Goodbye Deponia

  • It's been difficult to find the time.

  • (New back to the future season????)
    Walking Dead season 2
    Mass Effect 4
    Thief 4
    Half-Life 2 - episode 3 or Half-Life 3... whichever is released first.
    Amnesia - A Machine For Pigs

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    Jennifer Moderator

    Telltale hasn't said much, but the little bit of info we've been getting about Fables (that we'll control Bigby the Wolf and that The Walking Dead style choice system will determine whether Bigby protects those around him or gives into his wolf side) have actually made me excited for the game. It sounds like the choices might effect gameplay more this time (and I hope so, because while I loved how the choices affected the relationships in The Walking Dead, the Big Bad Wolf angle should work both internally and externally IMO, since he'd be affected by the deaths around him).

  • Metal Gear Rising. The demo was fun as hell,, so I'm actually wanting to play it!
    Tomb Raider. It looks fantastic and has gotten really good reviews, and it looks like a Tomb Raider game I'll actually ENJOY.
    Star Trek. A Mass Effect-like game where I control Kirk or Spock? I can run around on the Enterprise? I CAN FLY THE ENTERPRISE?! DO. WANT.
    Remember Me. This game's very concept just sounds neat, and I hope it's executed well.
    Deadpool. Do I have to give a reason? It's ****ing Deadpool.
    And finally, and not least by any means, Injustice: Gods Among Us. I cannot believe just how hyped I am for this game. It looks to be loads of fun, excitement, and just plain awesome. Every character they've announced has gotten me excited and I can't wait for more.

  • FEZ. Maybe I'll finally get around to buying a controller as well.

    LSL: Reloaded doesn't seem to be too far away either, since they're apparently going to release the beta in a few weeks.

    Psychonauts 2. It's bound to happen sometime.

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