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Should all of S2 happen during winter?

posted by Robert Morgan on - last edited - Viewed by 427 users

I can't help but think of having one episode set around Christmas, where the new survivor group is doing its best to celebrate the holidays, despite the macabre circumstances. (I don't know if the comic book has already beaten me to this.)

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  • If they are worried about goin to far in ZA time line the winter would be a good idea.

  • I already wanted to see winter and snow in the first season,so I would be glad to see it in the second one :)

  • A winter themed Walkers apocalypse sounds interesting. It would give new dangers to the group such as dying from the cold, needing more supplies and trying to keep warm without giving your position away.

  • @Mornai said: Season 2 set in winter: Clementine freezes to death if you chose not to steal from the car in season 1, but she survives if you did steal and took the hoodie. ;)

    I would not be happy with myself.

    Maybe not prevent her death, but I wouldn't mind seeing one of my more depressingly pragmatic choices actually grant some comfort.

  • Sería diferente el momento Santa zombi como Jefe con renos macabros y duendes satánicos, que miedo, y los repeles con galletas, esa navidad sería una pachangota de regalo que habrá, niños envueltos en chocolate. La verdad no creo que pongan una escena como esa de navidad ni nada por el estilo, el juego es negro no hay felicidad, todo es violar y matar, es más creíble decir que están en el bosque sin comida ni cobija, se enferma uno integrante del equipo van a la ciudad encuentran quien ayude a cambio de tener sexo, regresan y el personaje ya murió es más se transformó y se comió a todos, es más estilo de the walking dead.

  • @amigosolitario said: It would be different as far Holy Zombie Head with reindeer and elves macabre satanic, scary, and repeles with cookies, that would be a Christmas gift that will pachangota, children wrapped in chocolate. I do not think to put a scene like that Christmas or anything like that, the game is black there is no happiness, everything is raping and killing, is more credible to say they're in the woods without food or blankets, one member gets sick team will help the city who are having sex in exchange, return and the character died and is again transformed and ate them all, style is the walking dead.

    I am deeply disturbed by this comment :confused:

  • @Riadon said: I am deeply disturbed by this comment :confused:

    No one understands him. Don't try.

  • The comment scares me haha. like not even kidding...

  • @Mark$man said: The comment scares me haha. like not even kidding...

    Same here, shit lmao. You guys are making me tear up a bit. Riadon and Anonymau5, too. Hehe

    Amigosolitario, you are one dark dude lol. I don't think that they'd go that far. Although that might make for an interesting interlude between seasons. :P

  • Speaking of winter. It's piling up with snow from where I live. It'll be the end of March soon, and for some reason we have snow in early Spring. Sure did feel like winter arrived late for me.

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