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The unofficial fate of Ben poll.

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So, here we are.. Everyone who said Pre-Ep4 that they wanted the option to kill Ben because of all the crap that happened previously.

Did you follow through or not?

Me, at first I did because I figured that knowing how these games have gone previously that if I tried to rescue him, something stupid would have happened and he would have fallen to his death anyway. But then as he smashed into the ground at the bottom of the stairwell, crying as the walkers started to eat him...

Well, I was like "damnnn lol that's really f*@king cold..."

So I rewound to see if I could actually save his stupid @ss. To my surprise, yes I could. And I'm glad I did too because when convincing him to come help search for Clementine. I told him that she was basically the reason he's still alive. And as a result he said "By the end of all this, I will make it up to everyone." Then the plotmarker checked at the top left noting that "You gave Ben the chance to prove himself", I wont forget that Telltale.;)

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  • It drives me crazy that so many people hated Ben and then to preserve their sense of self-righteousness "saved" him. Some people don't deserve to be helped and saving the group is more important that one incompetent person. Just my opinion.

  • He wasn't an evil guy, so I didn't kill him. As simple as that.
    On the other hand, I wanted to kill the Stranger the first time I heard his voice.

  • None of the poll options suited me.

    I wanted to kill him and so i did. I didn't enjoy it, but i dont regret it.

    I dont think he was a bad man, but he was a danger to everyone, caused a number of better people than him to die and i'd had enough of his excuses. If wanted to die then i wasn't going to stand in his way.

  • @Gary Whitta said: Rewinding = lame. LIVE WITH YOUR DECISION.

    I live with my decisions all the time in real life. This is a video game. If I want to correct an action that I feel was a mistake, I'll correct it. Simple as that.

  • @Mornai said: I judged my fellow survivors' mistakes not by their actions, but by their emotions behind them. As i held Ben's life in my hands, i looked at him and though, "Does this kid want to hurt us? Does he wish harm upon any of us?" That answer was no, and the only thing i needed to pull him up.

    I agree.

    I don't understand why so many kill Ben. He's just a kid. Of course he fucked up, but he didn't betray the group out of selfishness, he wanted to help. I guess the bandits would have raided the motor inn if he had not made that deal.

  • @Bobs said: I agree.

    I don't understand why so many kill Ben. He's just a kid. Of course he fucked up, but he didn't betray the group out of selfishness, he wanted to help. I guess the bandits would have raided the motor inn if he had not made that deal.

    The says himself the reason he made the deal was that they convinced him they had his friend, that's not him wanting to help. He knew he was betraying the group, betraying is a harsh word i admit, but the closest to being accurate.

    Ultimately though i dropped him because he was the grim reaper to anyone around him, and had caused some very avoidable deaths of good people, sometimes through fuck ups and others out of cowardice, so i thought i'd take the decision to protect everyone else over protecting him.

    Ultimately in hindsight since him being around in episode 5 doesn't cause any more deaths than him being dead im more inclined to keep around (although i still dislike him), but especially with 5 being the last episode i couldn't have known that at the time.

    It was actually the decision i took the longest to make in the game, had to pause it for some time.

  • I cursed at ben as i pulled ben up.I thought its a numbers game the more people in the group better chance lee/clem have surviving.Even if ben is weak maybe he will get killed strong chance to getaway.Ben Is WORTHLESS.

  • Killing Ben is my most conflicted choice of the game.

    I goaded him into spilling the beans to Kenny. I voted him off the island. I let the bell zombie kill him. That third one, though, perhaps took it too far. But you can't take death back! Ben is a dangerous liability, but did he deserve that death?

    Molly left. I can't help but think it was because we're to similar to Crawford. In our group, the strong prevail, and the liabilities are eliminated.

    Clementine was crying. Killing Ben may have protected her from physical harm, but it caused her such anguish, and possibly made her easier to kidnap.

    On the plus side, everyone's helping me find Clem.

    The kidnapper will pay, and dearly!

  • And congratulations to Tell Tale Games. It's obvious a success of the game and this episode that we're even having these conversations and thinking so much about our in-game choices. :)

  • @Gary Whitta said: Rewinding = lame. LIVE WITH YOUR DECISION.

    This is why Clementine remains scarred by the sight of me butchering someone with a pitchfork three feet in front of her....

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