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Walking dead episode 2 problem.

posted by MarvelousMichael on - last edited - Viewed by 725 users

Whenever I play the walking dead and choose the play option on episode 2, all I get is a blank black screen where all I can do is move my mouse. I've taken a look at the other threads but none of the solutions work for me. And my problem is also different because most other people get the inventory bar on the left but I get nothing.

Occasionally when I click on play once the black screen comes it then comes up with a window asking if I want to rewind. This makes no sense because I have no save data past episode one so there is nothing to rewind. And no matter if I answer yes or no to the window the black screen still remains. There isn't even any sound during this screen and normally to quit I have to use ctrl+a't+delete.

How can I fix this problem?

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