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IndieGameStand is a new site for promoting indie games through 96 hour pay-what-you-want sales whenever a new game is released on the site. Many games will come with Steam and Desura keys according to the site. If you register before the launch September 26th you'll get the platformer Chester for free.

I think the concept looks pretty interesting, but then indie titles are pretty much the only games I play when it comes to modern games, besides my guilty pleasure Diablo 3.

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  • Latest deal:


    It's an old-school RPG. I am so in!

    Beat the average ($1.85 at time of writing) to also get SpyLeaks, an equally old-school puzzle game, the soundtrack for Spyleaks and Miner Warfare, a "2D action multiplayer experience".

  • So if you got Cognition through IndieGameStand a while back (it's one of the games I didn't mention, sadly), then you may have been pleasantly surprised to receive an e-mail offering 30% off a Season Upgrade from the Phoenix Online store, which knocks it down from $20 to $14.

    I won't share the code, but it's actually really cool of them to do that. So yeah. Just thought I'd mention it.

  • Latest deal:


    It's a two-player platform racer. Beat your opponent to the top of the tower!

    This is actually an Alpha, so if you do get it, expect updates.

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    It's a top-down squad-based tactical shooter, similar to Cannon Fodder and the like (only more serious).

    This is actually the Alpha, but if you get it, you'll get regular updates and the full game once it's done.

    Beat the average ($1.27 at time of writing) to also get the OST and some wallpapers. Woo.

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    Need I say more?

    Beat the average to get the soundtrack.

  • Latest deal:


    It's an underwater exploration game, and it's not finished (1 of 5 chapters are done), but it'll be updated as time goes on with the rest of the game.

    Beat the average to get the soundtrack and two prototypes.

  • I thought it looked interesting so I gave it a chance. I'm also more likely to buy games with Linux versions so there's that.

    It's true that the control system is intuitive. There's just the wasd keys to swim and arrow keys to control the flashlight if you choose keyboard controls. The latter might have been more smooth but they were ok.

    The game is very short. There seems to be large areas to cover but you move fast and I finished the chapter in about twenty minutes. I was probably a bit lucky in which areas I started exploring but there's only three or four "puzzles" to solve before you reach the end. Taking that into consideration I wouldn't spend too much on this title. I enjoyed it though and since it's still work i progresss I think it was worth the $3 I paid.

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    This one's on Desura, GOG AND Steam, so getting it here will give you keys for all three.

    Beat the average to get the soundtrack, some posters and some wallpapers.

  • It was in one of the most recent Humble Bundles too. I've heard good things about it and have downloaded it both for my tablet and the Linux version from Steam, so it's on my to play list.

  • Latest deal:


    "a side-scrolling customizable card game set in a fantasy world". Card game? Well, that's me out.

    Beat the average to get Deleted Scenes, the soundtrack and some wallpapers.

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