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Season 2 predictions- Christa and Omid will return in season 2!

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Christa's pregnancy

OK hello people so Christa is pregnant. I know this because when Lee or Omid and Christa were going to cross the unstable sign in episode 5, when they were debating who would go over the sign first Lee says " He's got a busted leg and YOU'RE WALKING FOR TWO, I'm obviously not doing so hot, decision doesn't make itself." WALKING FOR TWO walking for herself and her unborn child? Some may think that he just means she is also walking for Omid, but he is recovered and if you ask Christa how she is she says "I'm fine" very suspiciously and Lee says "You know what I'm talking about" so this seems a lot more discreet than just looking after Omid. Also back when thew group was stuck in the attic, Kenny was handing the drink around to Lee and Christa, you have the option to drink some or don't. But your decision doesn't seem to effect Christa. She has quite a big hesitation but decides to drink it. A LOT OF IT. Was she trying to kill the baby? This also relates to The Walking Dead TV show by AMC when Laurie the main character's wife tried to kill her baby by taking pills. This kind of relates to what Christa did. Alcohol kills babies its a fact so maybe she was trying to kill it or she is just thirsty for some alcohol! And back when they were trying to get inside the mansion when Chuck the hobo got separated from the group when Lee dug up the dog and tried getting the collar off it and unfortunately it's head fell off... YUCK!... Anyway she was sick and Clementine asked if she was OK and she said she was fine but the Omid said are you SURE your OK and she reacted in quite a hasty way by saying I'm fine OK! Maybe she was trying to hide it from the group? If she wasn't pregnant then what was Omid so curious about?

So I think Christa is pregnant and the couple will return in season 2 no doubt.

Hope you have enjoyed this theory guys and girls and I hope you have found it interesting. Love you all and STAY AWESOME!

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  • What happens if Christa dies and Omid becomes the opposite he is now?

  • I don't think Christa being pregnant was a surprise when it was finally said. There were lots of hints leading up to that. But I doubt she'll have the baby in S2. If anything, (if she's still around), I expect it more in S3.

    I also don't think that she was drinking to kill the baby - and it is NOT a fact that alcohol kills babies. It can kill babies and it can cause defects, but it's not a guarantee. And it takes a lot more than downing a bit once the entire pregnancy. I do think she drank because she was (unsuccessfully) trying to hide the fact that she was pregnant from the rest of the group. Although I do believe that Omid knew.

    Even if Christa never came out and said "I'm pregnant", he would have noticed that she wasn't having her period, that she was having morning sickness, and that she was more moody. I just find it hard to believe that someone who is so intimate with her would overlook the bold fact that she was pregnant. Give her about 2 more months, and she'll be showing, too.

    But to what some others are saying:

    I don't think that pregnancy is necessarily a death sentence. For most women, pregnancy is easy and delivery is even easier. (And recent studies HAVE suggested that natural birth is safer and quicker than hospital-assisted births.) The only problems that might arise would be if she takes too long in one place to deliver or if the baby crying brings too many walkers.

    The good news is that she'll have to breastfeed, which can help keep a baby quiet (trust me :P) and women CAN and DO walk around during labor. The shit in movies is horribly inaccurate. (Stopping to lay down for hours screaming. It's ridiculous!)

    As for her baby killing her - I don't know. I kind of thought it'd need teeth to do that. It might gum her, but I don't think that it could gum her to death :P

    But I do think that Christa will be dying. I suspect that Omid will be left to take care of the baby by himself. That would present unique problems - he wouldn't be able to care for Clem. It was obvious that Christa was the fighter in the relationship. He also can't just breastfeed, he would have to find formula. It would be more problematic for him to be left with the baby, than for the baby and Christa to die.

  • They have to be in Season 2, they have to take care of Clementine -.-
    Also, her pregnancy will play a major role(hopefully) because they wouldn't have build up all of that just to kill her off.

  • Since they dropped so many hints during Season 1, I'm sure Christa and her pregnancy will at least be present in S2 at some point, though I doubt it will be the main focus. I'll do my damnedest to make sure that kid lives, though. The world needs new life amidst all the death we saw in S1.

  • The baby could rip her apart from the inside.

  • they better be back, it's just dumb if not

  • @GREYxDUZxKRUSH said: This. Also pregnancy is a death sentence.

    Pregnancy is not a death sentence.

  • @staticfl said: Pregnancy is not a death sentence.

    In the real world, yes...but in a zombie apocalypse, it reduces your chances of survival outside of a group by approximately 83%.

  • @GREYxDUZxKRUSH said: This. Also pregnancy is a death sentence.

    @GREYxDUZxKRUSH said: In the real world, yes...but in a zombie apocalypse, it reduces your chances of survival outside of a group by approximately 83%.

    Pregnancy still doesn't increase your chances of death. Maybe having a loud crying infant but you can still run away and shoot a gun while pregnant. Maybe I'm just not understanding your meaning? :confused:

  • @staticfl said: Pregnancy still doesn't increase your chances of death. Maybe having a loud crying infant but you can still run away and shoot a gun while pregnant. Maybe I'm just not understanding your meaning? :confused:

    The crying will bring more walkers every day, and that alone results in less of a chance to survive. Even if you can still run and gun, you'll always have one hand carrying the infant. I imagine firing a weapon one foot away from a baby's ears might cause him/her to begin crying, as well, drawing more to you.

    Have you seen how many times Lee was forced to fight hand-to-hand with walkers even when he had a gun? If you're carrying a baby in your arms when that happens, your chances to survive the encounter are looking fairly grim.

    I'm not saying it's impossible to survive with one, but outside of a group or safe area(and we know Omid & Christa are hesitant to join groups at all) you can't deny that everyday life will get a lot more difficult with a baby on board.

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