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I HATE Larry because...I love Kenny because...

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I HATE Larry because:

1.I saved his ass by giving him his pills but he punched me in the face to die at the drugstore.

2.He always treats me and blame me like a shit.

3.At the meat locker if you talk to him,he will say:YOU MUST REALLY HATE ME!.

I LOVE Kenny because:

1.He saved me back at the drugstore.

2.He always talk to you like a friend if you side with him at the drugstore and help him kill Larry.

3.If you say about your past to him,he will understand you MORE than anyone except Carley.

4.He has so much faith in you if you will have his back.

5.He did me a favor by killing f***ing Larry.

6.Finally,he will die like a HERO.

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