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TWD Cpt5 - everythings opposite ?!?

posted by chokko on - last edited - Viewed by 232 users

Hello all,
been enjoying this game until now.

At end of Chapter4 i chose NOT to show my bite.

Kenny, Omin and the annoying girl didnt want to help me find Clementine (which was odd since i've busted my balls for them earlier in game)

Ben was the only one who would offer to help..which is odd since i wanted to cut him loose. up Chapter 5 after watching the credits (again)...

...and Ben is nowhere to be seen, but Kenny, Omin and the annoying girl are there in the morgue with me. They also comment about the "bite" on my arm like it's no big deal.

So somewhere between the end of chapter4 and the start of chapter5...all my decisions/alliances seem to have been reversed???

win7x64, non steam PC version.
Only 1 prop.pref file in userprofile directory, and loads of saves still.

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