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Who should be the PC in Season 2?

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There's been over a dozen threads on this topic. Might as well post a poll for it.

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  • @CarScar said: Where is this supposed poll...? Anyways, it'll be a new character. It has to be a character that has a blank canvases, a character the player can define. That's why we couldn't be Omid, Christa, or, god forbid, Kenny among other reasons.

    As to how said character will look? It'll probably be a caucasian male. I'd be happy with a female character, it'd be a nice change of pace.

    One problem which I don't know how they're going to overcome as well is that the new character would have already established their place in their group (assuming their with a group) and made their own choices.

    They could always start from the beginning of the apocalypse again.

  • gonna pwn with walker Lee >: D

  • Even though I would enjoy playing Molly, I'm a male and find it easier to relate to male characters. I want someone more bad ass than Lee though adn I want more freedom to throw punches at people or shoot them.

  • If we must have Clem in season 2... I'd want a female main character to give her development (Clem's that is) some duality.

    She had a father figure in Lee, now she needs a mother figure.

    If Clem is sidelined.... I'd like someone cool... like Bill from Left 4 Dead. Some grizzled ol' war vet who's one bad motherfucker.

  • I'd like someone just similar to either Lee or Carley, depending on gender, although I'd hope the female would be a bit smarter or the male better under pressure(because certain Lee instances Lee didn't make the best decision I.E. trying to lift Christa up alone using a pole, especially if one-armed. Or waiting too long to cut off the arm. Or other parts were choices were limited to how Lee could act, not wanting to stray from his character overall.

  • *The drumming*. I represent to your attention my version of new protagonist

    Yo Clem. Are you wonna cook with me? :D:D:D

  • I'm opting for a new character. I don't know what kind character arc Telltale has in mind this season, but I wouldn't be opposed to a female lead.

  • @zev_zev said: *The drumming*. I represent to your attention my version of new protagonist

    Yo Clem. Are you wonna cook with me? :D:D:D

    Yo, good idea for protagonist... bitch! As long as we keep Todd the hell away from Clem, I'm cool.

  • Fingers crossed for Lee just having a nightmare. I have said it many times Lee's shoes are gonna be hard to fill.

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