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Which episode you liked more and which episode you hated more in TWD?

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1.I liked episode 2 more than the other episodes because It had a great story and there was many hard choices in it.

2.I hated episode 5 because your choices (like cutting Lee,s arm) did not affect.

This is my idea:

1.episode 2 (the best)
2.episode 4
3.episode 3
4.episode 1
5.episode 5 (the worst)

Please VOTE!

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  • Episode 2 was the best episode if it were the choice of pick one episode to play and no other but Episode 5 was a great conclusion and was the best if you played all the others.
    Episode 2 was really well done and stands up on its own but episode 5 was the conclusion where your decisions truly begin to mean something making it also the best

  • @Mikejames said: I think every episode had their highlights, but it's probably a tie between 2 and 5 for me.

    Episode 2 was the best for successfully meshing calm and tense interactions. Moving from panicking over the bear trap, to slowly trying to deal with rations and group conflict, from peacefully pushing Clementine on the swing to escaping from the locker, the tone of the pacing had a wide and successful range. I thought the St. John twist was a bit obvious going in, but the overall execution was good enough for me to look past it.

    Episode 5 was the emotional culmination of your relationships with Clem and the remaining survivors, and had to be the most hard hitting for me. A race against time with Lee finally moving alone against the horde juxtaposed with the calm back-and-forth with the stranger, and a final exchange with Clementine that brought genuine tears.

    I agree...perfect descriptions.

  • [LIST=1]
    [*]Episode 5
    [*]Episode 3
    [*]Episode 2
    [*]Episode 1
    [*]Episode 4

  • I wish there could be a happier ending in the episode 5.

  • 2, 3, 5, 4, 1

    Everything about 2 was so perfect, great characters, and awesome twists.
    Episode 3 was the most heartbreaking and emotional, it's only topped by 5 for sad-factor.

  • Episode 2 was the best
    Episode 3 really screwed me over
    Episode 4 was the less eventful one but that was just cause of the build up for episode 5..


  • 5 -really well scripted, even if barely anyone lived.
    2 -the story was very good
    4 -seemingly had the greatest amount of locations.
    1 -where everything started
    3 -kinda... bores me whenever I play it.

  • 1 - I love this one as it sets up your relationship with Clem and its where you meet most of the original characters.
    2 - Just loved the story overall, everything fitted perfectly plot wise.
    5 - the feels at the end, 'nuff said
    3 - I'm on the fence with this one. The first half of this episode was really good and felt really nice especially all the heartwarming scenes at the motor inn and had tonnes of emotion due to deaths. But the second half I felt nothing for. Mainly because all the characters I cared about died previously and in this episode. I couldn't get into this episode after Carley died as it felt like a needless death. Though Kat and Ducks deaths were brilliantly done.
    4 - Cared about no-one in this episode except Lee and Clem. Was decent but when there are only 2 characters you care about and your favorite died previously you kinda feel down afterwards and can't get into the rest.

    Biased opinion due to character deaths in episode 3. Yes I am talking about Carley.

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