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How Do You Feel About Telltale's Direction?

posted by Alcoremortis on - last edited - Viewed by 4.4K users

Just like the good old days, back when a simple discussion of who the best male and female users on the forum were could turn into half the people here changing their avatars to eyevatars... and still seem perfectly natural.

I miss those days.

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  • @ryannumber1gamer said: Also I did enjoy TWD but was really disappointed at how half of the new people acted by complaining all the time about dates and taking over blog posts in the comments by changing the subject completely. I think that's why you can't comment in blog posts anymore:/

    It's because people couldn't stop being disruptive, because people kept harassing others, and because under the old system, comments didn't require login and the normal forum moderators didn't have any power over the comments (which is one of the few good changes about the most recent iteration of new site). We kept having to tell staff when there was a problem until it was just too much to handle.

  • @DAISHI said: Who are you?

    He's an old-school Sierra adventure game fan who came to the King's Quest forums a few months ago, expressing interest in talking KQ (though many in the forum didn't appreciate reliving old conversations). And he was really doing his damnedest to be enthusiastic about TTG's KQ project and to respark our interest in it.

    He still maintains that someone will make a good (official) KQ game in future, but the recent announcement about TTG's official KQ cancellation seems to have thoroughly turned him off the company.

    However, it also seems to have pulled him into General Chat to hang out with the rest of us old-school adventure game fans.

  • I’m staying. Without you guys, who will I have to throw crap at?

  • @Chyron8472 said: I came for the games, but I stay for the community.

    If I leave, it will be because Telltale has turned the forums into their own brand of Reddit, thereby making it very difficult to have normal conversations since posts won't be in chronological order.

    Until then, I stay.

    @Chyron8472 said: Exactly. Entertaining, passionate people with similar interests are what make such forums fun.

    As a big fan of classic point-and-click adventures, I am disappointed with the direction that Telltale is taking. I have been turned off by statements from several recent Telltale representatives, who have each offered different variations of: "Point-and-click adventures with exploration and lots of puzzles are the past, we are the future. We want to take advantage of big hip pop culture IP's instead of traditional IP's or create original IP. We are evolving things. We have evolved. Let's all evolve. Let me use the words 'modern' and 'evolve' a few more times so you don't miss the key message." It's like they were all given a talking points memo of key terms and points to get across.

    Honestly, Telltale's new stuff feels like interactive movies with progressively less challenging and dumbed down gameplay. Don't consider this new or modern at all, but they can describe things however they wish. It's just sad that they are turning away from the classic adventure game community, when it is fans of the classic adventures who have been some of TTG's most passionate fans for years. I know a lot of people still like TTG's new interactive movie stuff, but I have less interest in it. Now when I see that a project is being developed by Telltale, I quickly move on. At no point in Telltale's history has it been as great or influential as either Sierra (certainly) or, even, LucasArts were; today Telltale is a very different developer than it was a few years ago, and a less attractive one to me.

    I think the people and moderators here on the forum are great, though.

    These two posts sum up my feelings about Telltale and this place perfectly. I love you guys (yes, even you Ryan, but if you quote me on that it's an instaban :p) and I love chatting with you all, but Telltale as a company has been getting increasingly distant from what made me love them. The last time I got excited for anything they did was MI, and even then it was tempered by the console-oriented controls.

    So if, as suggested elsewhere, you guys jump ship for somewhere else, I'll more than likely tag along. I mean, who else would be willing to do a Steam Sale Spotlight thread? (Seriously, that thing is habit forming)

  • Staying so far, I feel I am part of something even though I am not really. If that makes any sense? I guess I just like the feeling of belonging.

    Anyway, the change in games that telltale has done has made me come here less and less.
    I have not in anyway been even remotely interested in what they have done since BTTF.
    I still like to post occasionally in interesting posts like this one, or in 'rate the last whatever' threads.

    Will I jump ship if more people here leave, not really sure, don't think people would know who I am anyway. :p

  • Still a HUGE Telltale fan, and probably will be for quite some time.

    Became a fan when Sam & Max was released.
    Loved Monkey Island.
    Loved Back To The Future.
    Liked Jurassic Park.
    Loved The Walking Dead.
    My only real criticism is their tech. support, that could and SHOULD be improved. With no disrespect to DjNDB though. He saved a lot of our asses.

    I just can't wrap my head around the fact that someone would dislike a game or studio just because of the violence or language. In my mind that's just sad. Move out of your bubble, take a look at the world around you and just relax.

    Ill say it again; there are no bad words, only bad intentions.

  • Yeah, I fucking hate it when videogames have bad language and violence in them. Makes me want to murderate something.

  • I will stay in these Forums until the day Sam and Max and Monkey Island are put into Classics...

    It will be a shame if all the other fans of classic point and clicks leave this forum

    If it continues like this we will be left only with the new fans which are all just asking 'Where is the walking dead?' and don't like point and clicks...

    Hopefully some of you will stay, I haven't been here too long but I have really began to enjoy these forums but if Sam and Max or Monkey Island ever become as abandoned as Strong Bad and Wallace and Gromit (which were my first Telltale games) it will kill the forums.

    On the bright side I still haven't finished Monkey Island or started King's quest so I have plenty of Old school games to play...

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