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A new Beginning - FanFiction

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This is my first fanfic so please give some Constructive criticism and also English is NOT my main leanguage so sorry for some typos in advance.

Chapter 1: A new Beginning
Has Ben hit the concrete floor Kenny was speechless has Lee said “ Shit! We got to help him “

Kenny then gave instructions for Omid and christa to stay on the roof and for Lee to accompany him to check on Ben.
When they reached the bottom of the ladder they both just stood there and looked at him .

“Oh Fuck” Kenny said when he started to rush towards Ben who was laying on the ground with some sort of stick going trough his tin body.

Lee nervously started to walk towards him. Ben was staring into Kenny’s eyes hoping he was okay but he quickly understood he wasn’t in a good situation.

Ben started to panic “Am I okay ?” “I’m going to be ok , I’m going to be ok” .

“Shut up Ben you’re gonna attract all of the Walkers” Lee knew this was gonna end badly then Kenny started to try and Pull Ben out of the pole.
“ OWW “ but it was all in vain.

After Ben’s cry in Pain the walkers finally heard him. “Kenny we gotta go “.
“No you gotta go Lee “.

Finally Kenny in a last attempt to save Ben he pushed Lee and locked the gate leaving himself trapped with Ben and a horde of zombies. “Kenny why? “ Lee knew why he did it , Kenny wanted to redeem himself for hurting Ben and never really giving him a change .

“ It’s just something I gotta do you know that “ those were Kenny’s final words to Lee has he then started to fight the walkers with all his strength. Lee then started to climb up the ladder a gunshot was heard Kenny put Ben out of his misery and Lee started to walk away with christa and Omid.

Kenny continued to fight and then heard a voice coming from behind the horde. “ I knew you were crazy but this c’mon…”

Some of the zombies then turned around and focused on this mystery person allowing Kenny to protect himself from the other side. The mystery figure cleaned out all the zombies on Kenny’s right. “C’mon don’t just stand there run!”

Kenny obeyed the mystery person and started to run as Kenny got closer he saw who the person really was “ What the hell are you doing here Molly ?

"Molly looked back and grinned “Saving your ass”.

After they finally got away from the walkers Kenny was intrigued on why Molly was really there. “What were you actually doing there Molly before coming to save me ? “

“Well after I said goodbye and left you I was heading out of Savannah it’s too dangerous ,but I couldn’t stop thinking about your Group so I was heading back to the mansion hoping that you were still there that’s when I heard you and Lee.”

Kenny pointed to the rooftops “I gotta get back to them! “

“I’m sorry Kenny there’s no way I’m going up there I’m heading out of Savannah and so are you, I’m not gonna let you die!” Molly was worried about Lee and the others but she knew that trying to find a way into the rooftops was a death sentence .

Kenny gave up and finally decided to go with Molly “Ok let’s go “ Has Kenny looked back all he could think was that he would probably never see Lee again.

Kenny and Molly had been walking in the countryside for almost a day now and there was still no sign of life there.

“I knew this was a bad idea to come with you” Kenny was desperate and hungry. Molly was also hungry but she was hiding it from Kenny.

“Hey grandpa how about you do less talking and more walking” Molly said has she looked back at Kenny who was almost falling to the ground due to lack of energy.

“Don’t worry about me I’m …” Kenny faded out and fell to the grass
“I told him to be careful, Shit!”

Molly checked his pulse to confirm he only passed out and didn’t truly die.
He wasn’t breeding. Molly’s face turned motionless has she tried to revive him with CPR. Tears fell to the ground has molly screamed “I’ve watched too many people die”.

Molly looked out in the distance she saw a dark little figure that had spotted Molly and was running towards her Molly was praying it was someone who could help and then… “Clementine ? “

“Molly!” Clementine rushed towards Molly crying of happiness .

“Clem help apply pressure on Kenny Chest “

The little girl quickly got down on her knees and helped molly revive Kenny.
Finally Kenny inhaled .

Molly and clementine looked at him in hopes that it wasn’t the beginning of walker. Kenny opened his eyes, put on a small signature smile and said “ Hi there”

Clem and Molly looked at each other and hugged .

“Is that… Clem? “ Kenny looked like he had seen a ghost.

“where’s Lee ? What happened ?”

Clementine looked scared and almost started to cry “ Lee is dead ,I shot him so he didn’t become a monster… And I don’t know where Christa and Omid are , probably in Savvanah.”

Molly and Kenny just stared at the little girl who felt scared every time she thought about Lee and the rest of the group.

“You… shot him ?” Kenny said while Molly was still speechless.

“It was horrible” Clem said when a tear fell to the ground and one tear became the beginning of many more.

Molly embraced Clem in her arms “It’s over now clem , you don’t need to be afraid anymore , you’re save now”

“We’ve gotta go back to Savannah to get Christ and Omid!” Clem begged.

Kenny knew they were dead while him and Molly were leaving savannah they heard screams coming from inside one of the houses and it was definitely the voices of a man and a woman, but he didn’t wasn’t to scare Clementine.

“We have no time for that Clem we need to find food before doing anything else”

“I have food in that car in the distance , we can go eat and then go back to Savannah”

“ I found the food in a little shack that had supplies inside, I think it was abandoned, then I used the car to store the food, but I didn’t take all the food and supplies just in case the shack belonged to someone “ Clem said that in a proud voice , before she was being feed by her group but this time she was the one who found the food and was handing it out to other people.

“Clem I…”Kenny knew that going to Savannah was a death trap and that if they found Christa and Omid they weren’t going to be friendly.

Molly quickly interrupted the conversation. “Clem let’s make a deal if you give us some food we will go with you to Savannah to track down Omid and Christa.

Clem put on a smile , whipped the tears out of her face and said “OK lets go now” Clem started to immediately walk towards the car.

Kenny pulled Molly closer and whispered “What the hell are you doing !? “
Molly replied back in an angry voice “ She deserves to know if they’re alive, and besides if they are alive they will be of help to us “

Molly Shouted to Clem “ Hey wait up Clem ! “

The group of three got closer to the car when Clem realized “ There’s someone over there!”

Kenny got closer and saw the stranger was stealing supplies that Clem had found “Hey what the hell do you think…Oh God!”

The stranger pulled out his gun and said “Well, well, look who the cat dragged in”

Kenny face grew Motionless and he exclaimed “Lilly ?”

End of chapter one
Next chapter : Consequences

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