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If The stranger different

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Whats up everybody.
If the stranger was more "together" or "normal"...not a psychopath who talked to a walker head in a bowling ball bag, would you have considered Clementine going with him an option?
I personally wouldn't have. F that dude and his self righteous attitude.
His kind of character is my problem with the show. (i haven't seen the show sense the season 2 break so maybe its different) Everyone talks like they have had it the worst. Like no one else has lost people. Everyone in the show( i.e. Rick) kept saying how they've had to do terrible things, and see terrible things to survive. Everyone that was still alive has seen messed up stuff. Everyone has to be more careful and more on their guard.
That's why you don't leave all your food out in the open, in a car that's wide open, with the lights on. He was blaming Lee and others for what had happened to him instead of taking responsibility and trying to make things better. Just trying to hold on to the past by stealing a little girl and recreating his family.
Any way I wanted to know what other thought? should Lee have always protected and stayed with Clem no matter what or was she better off with others?
sorry for spelling and grammar.

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