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Ep. 3 - Was Duck really bitten?

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Hello guys,

Awesome game, but this question has kept me busy since last night.

I played Episode 3 and I was convinced Duck was not actually bitten. Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, pointed in that direction.

I mean, the whole substory about Duck and his allergy pointed me in that direction:
1. First you learn Clementine and Duck are teasing each other with the bugs.
2. Then you learn Duck found some new bugs.
3. Then he is bitten, but you never see a real bite wound. What I see looks like an allergy reaction.
4. Then the complete irrelevant information that Duck is allergic to bees.
5. Even more information, he eats everything?!

So I assumed Duck ate / tried to eat a bug he found (a bee), and the bastard stung him.
I expected a sidestory where you would find out he was actually not bitten but stung etc. etc....

Uhm.. Nope, he has to die anyway... Bye bye Duck?!

I didn't complete the game yet, but does this come back? I checked the fora, but couldn't really find any info...

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  • @Thag said: I was just wondering why they would set up all these hints about bugs and allergies, that's all

    Ambiguity = Depth

    For instance, one could argue that Katjaa knew it was a bee sting (veterinary) but felt this world wasn't a world she wanted Duck to continue endure. So when he got stung, she just accepted it and claimed it was a bite.

    To recap what she's seen:
    * A group wanting to murder her son on suspicion to save their own skin
    * Cannibals holding her son hostage to blackmail her
    * Enough blood and gore to last a lifetime

    Add to this that she was mere seconds away from losing her life three times already.

  • I think the hints would be more direct and less subtle if something like an allergic reaction was the case. What would be the point of doing this unless it's spelled out?

    Usually the most obvious thing is what is correct. While there are twists and other such things in games, movies, etc. all the time, there usually is some sort of explanation to where it makes sense. A bee sting hasn't been talked about enough in TWD to really make any sense IMO.

  • I'm fairly certain it was a bite. That was my immediate reaction upon seeing the mark, and it was even in the shape of a bite. Katjaa, who was with him at the time, porbably even saw it happen. The bug thing that Clementine said was likely just for teh lolz, and Katjaa telling Lee that Duck was allergic to bees was likely her just remembering random things through the pain of watching her 10 year old son die in her arms for the greater part of the day.

  • Katjaa was worried about bees because they were outside, and she was starting to worry about him getting stung before realizing that he was dying anyway. Doesn't she correct herself, saying something like, "Not that it matters."? I think it was to emphasize the fact that Duck dying hadn't sunk in yet.

    Clem putting the bug on Duck's pillow was just a matter of kids fooling around, and had nothing to do with the bee allergy. This all just adds up to character development. Duck's allergies and Clem's childish pranks weren't relevant to the plot. But they added to the character's personalities, helping us to get to know them a little better.

  • @Jake said: zombees.

    Lol. Also, in the easter egg of Duck, not only is it "implied" Duck is a walker, but he personally killed everyone on the train! And Lee...

  • Come to think of it, aren't bees the reason for the zombie outbreaks in the Dead Rising series?

  • @slimymeteor said: Come to think of it, aren't bees the reason for the zombie outbreaks in the Dead Rising series?

    Exactly. And we all know that Chuck Greene is a distant relative of Hershel Greene, who ALSO has to protect a young girl during a zombie outbreak.

    It's obvious that he shows up just after Clem leaves the room and gives Lee some Zombrex. Also, he has enough to last for the rest of Lee's life. The two figures are Chuck and Lee on the hill, and Clem is so aghast at seeing Lee alive that she is speechless.

    Happy ending achieved.

  • Well, the not so fresh looking blood that Duck coughs up kind of negates any allergy arguments in my opinion.

  • It was a bite from a walker. Yeesh. Pay attention.

  • Very good point about the allergy thing, but you could obviously see the bite on the side of him. he was bitten, and was turning into a walker.

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