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One month!

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It's September in Finland, so that means Sam & Max will be made available next month!

I have a question: Will we see a real trailer about Season 1 itself before release?

EDIT: Wow, I scrolled down the thread list and noticed a couple of my old posts. Has it really been over two months, nearly three since I wrote some of those? Time sure has flown by.

~o) :(|) No business like monkey business :(|)

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  • I hope it is out before nwn 2 hits stores because I'll be spending a ton of time with that.

  • [quote]Broken Sword 4...
    I tried the demo, it left me really disappointed.[/quote]

    Hmm... Concerning. I'll just hold on the hope that maybe someone accidently released the disappointing version of the game demo instead of the crazy awesome version. The idea being that they made two games one of which was disappointing and the other fantastique and someone accidently picked up the wrong disc and gave that to everyone. I'd try the demo myself only Telecom (my ISP) is run by jerks who like to sometimes cut my broadband connection down to something like 30kbps.

    In other (irrelevant and aged) news: it's come to my attention that I'm the only person in the world who finds The Elders Scrolls IV: Oblivion to be really, REALLY underwhelming. Boring even. Also, Halo is overrated. I would give Halo 1 a score of 80% and Halo 2 a score of 70%. Why I would choose to share this with you is something even I don't know but I'm starting to get really annoyed with people telling me how awesome these games are.

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    I'm with you on the Oblivion-is-underwhelming team, actually. The rubber band difficulty really screwed up the game for me. And the world wasn't as big as I thought it would be.

    A lot of parts from the game disappointed me. People keep telling me I should download a few mods to improve it, but still.

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    Holy cow, I think I just had a palpatation. Just LOOK at all those smilies! Hey, what about a MAX Smilie?


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    samicon.gif I like the ones from LucasForums better. maxicon.gif

  • [quote]It's September in Finland, so that means Sam & Max will be made available next month![/quote]

    Bad news. It's ranging from March through to July for everyone else. Although there have been spots of November for some parts of Australia and Belgium. No game for you.

    But I kid (obviously)! Here, have some piggies in exchange for me having worried and confused you. :@) :@) :@) :@)

    The main reason that I found Oblivion dull was that although it had an enormous game world, there was nothing much of interest in it. Also, the physics served no purpose whatsoever. And one time I watched as a huge cliff full of boulders fell on a little imp thing and it took 7 seconds for it to take enough damage to die. The rocks sort of bounced off it despite being roughly as big as houses.

    Finally, I've watched the Sam and Max videos 3 times each now. That's looking pretty fan-tucking-fastic. And although the voice of Max initally really annoyed me, I suddenly got used to it. Much like when I watched the TV series. Now that I'm actually used to it, I'd have to say most of the sounds are really nice now! And the rest (graphics, conversations and humour) are looking totally solid. Can't wait!

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    Finally, someone who agrees with me about Oblivion! Yes, wonderful achievement and all that, but I play RPGs for the story and the characters in that story. If there is no real incentive for me to start exploring, then I won't do it. I spent four hours riding around looking for something fun. I found a few ruins, lots of trees, some wolves, a bandit, and a dungeon under a castle which had the potential to be interesting (ghosts, skeletons, traps), but was ruined when I discovered I needed some special key to continue.

    Anyway, back to Sam & Max. Damn, I was going to make that September joke. May I just be the voice of doom and gloom instead and say that it's actually one month until you have one month until you play the game? It's released November worldwide (or for Americans who think that GameTap is a bit pointless).

    So shall we come back in October to start this thread again? Which, of course, should be next May in Finland. :p

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    TellTale Games has signed a distribution contract where their games will be made available to the northernmost countries in the world first, followed by a two month delay for all places south of Finland (in Europe) and Canada (in America).

  • This is probably a good time to point out that when we say the game will be available on Nov. 1, we mean Nov. 1st Pacific time. If you want to figure out exactly what time that is in your part of the world, here you go.

    I don't want to hear anyone from Australia or New Zealand complaining about the delay when they wake up on Nov. 1st and the game isn't available to them yet. :))

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    I've already shown my excitment about the game coming out. But I need to finish the first one! Please read my thread entitled First Sam & Max game Help. PLEASE!!! :((

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