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Different Voice Actor for Max in PN2?

posted by Tora Newton Y. on - last edited - Viewed by 2.2K users

As I was playing Poker Night 2 tonight, I noticed Max sounded a little different. Of course I thought he still sounded like Max (from the rest of the Telltale Sam & Max games), so I just figured it was something like William Kasten hadn't done the voice for a while.

But when I checked the credits I noticed that Max isn't voiced by William Kasten (his regular voice actor for the Telltale games) in PN2. He's voiced by someone named Dave Boat.

While it's admittedly rather impressive that I didn't realize it was a different voice actor until I checked (props to Mr. Boat there) it makes me wonder why Max is voiced by someone else, while Sam is still voiced by David Nowlin.

So why isn't Mr. Kasten voicing Max in PN2?

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