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PN2 - Help with Final Bounty Challenge *Spoilers Inside*

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The very last bounty challenge I need to complete before unlocking GLaDOS' bounty item is this: "Win a Showdown With Only a High Card." What the heck?! So basically I have to get EXTREMELY lucky and hope that no player I'm versing has anything between their hand and the river, I have to have nothing between my hand and the river, I have to force at least one person (who's obviously bluffing) into a showdown, AND I have to win? Am I missing something or is this ludicrous and really unlikely to happen? I'm not much of a poker player so please forgive my terminology if it's wrong.

Any suggestions on how to beat this challenge?

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  • I just did it! I had an ace and patiently called everyone. When the river was revealed, I saw that I had nothing but an Ace High. Ash then want All In. I called him because I was really eager to complete the assignment, but it was not very wise, considering that the community cards contained a Queen, a Jack and a Ten. But Ash only had a five and a six, resulting in him having Queen High vs. my Ace High.
    Conclusion: You have to be very lucky.

  • Alternately, in one of the slower rounds in hold'em, where everyone keeps checking and you hold a high card.

  • Is it easier or harder to do the final 2 challenges (Steal a hand at the river and Win a showdown) with a high card on Omaha hold 'em then on Texas hold on?

  • @ryannumber1gamer said: Is it easier or harder to do the final 2 challenges (Steal a hand at the river and Win a showdown) with a high card on Omaha hold 'em then on Texas hold on?

    For the high card, I think it's impossible on Omaha?...

  • So, what's a 'steal a hand at the turn' mean?

  • @yakawaka said: So, what's a 'steal a hand at the turn' mean?

    When the fourth card on the table is revealed, bet high and hope everyone folds.

  • Doing this one the easy way on PC, assuming you are willing to cheat:

    0. Make sure you are playing Holdem! This is going to be ridiculously annoying in Omaha.
    1. Get one of the players down to a low enough number of chips to where they are forced to go all in by the blinds. One way would be to get down to only one other player, get slightly fewer chips than them and then go all-in against them and win.
    2. Go all in yourself to try to get other players to fold to make it easier.
    3. If you aren't going to win by high-card, hit Alt-F4 right after the last card is dealt (you might be able to turn off or reset the console version, I haven't tested), restart the game (continue the tournament) and repeat from step 2.

    If you aren't willing to cheat, try to engineer situations where your opponent has only a few chips and then get them all-in pre-flop. You'll eventually get it this way.

  • Wow I got lucky on my challanges. Deploy the portal set, buy 4 drinks, and win a tourney never going under $10,000, which I just called ash's aggressive first round and got lucky.

  • These showdown challenges just seem stupid. I'm in the same situation, just have the GLaDOS challenge left and I have that same challenge. I know poker is a game of luck BUT COME ON REALLY!?

    I ALREADY HAD A CHALLENGE LIKE THIS. In the last set of challenges I had to win a showdown with a better kicker. It was It took me 3 hours, out of the 5 hours I had played. I've been trying this high card one for about 2 hours now, going into 9 hours of play.

    Challenges OP nerf pls, it's not even fun in the slightest.

    I've managed to get every unlock and spare tokens. I'd happily give over 100 of my spare tokens for a new motherf***ing challenge! I had a balance of +$180 000 and now on -$100 000 just checking every time I get a high card and no pairs of the flop, just so I can finish a showdown in-case no one has anything.

    I'd like to start playing poker night 2 again soon, doesn't feel like a game atm.

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