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Poker Night 2 - Overly Huge Resolution

posted by Wolfcape on - last edited - Viewed by 851 users

Hey all!

Game : Poker Night 2
Issue : Screen Resolution
Device : MacBook Pro (15") with Retina Display
Operating System : Mac OSX 10.8.3

I've encountered a problem. I'm on a Mac, see (stop cursing me, I bought it, and I'm not installing a Windows side.) and I tried to change the resolution to fit my Retina Display's 2880x1800. I set it to something that looked like that (skimmed across the options) and it appeared to work.

Later, relaunching the game, I see the bottom left hand corner of the game. ONLY. The resolution is messed up even in the Steam overlay. I can't get to the options menu because I just see that news scrolling at the bottom left hand corner.

Setting Steam Launch options wouldn't work. Nothing worked in that.

I can't play the game.

Please help?


P.S: Thanks in advance.

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