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I HATE Larry because...I love Kenny because...

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I HATE Larry because:

1.I saved his ass by giving him his pills but he punched me in the face to die at the drugstore.

2.He always treats me and blame me like a shit.

3.At the meat locker if you talk to him,he will say:YOU MUST REALLY HATE ME!.

I LOVE Kenny because:

1.He saved me back at the drugstore.

2.He always talk to you like a friend if you side with him at the drugstore and help him kill Larry.

3.If you say about your past to him,he will understand you MORE than anyone except Carley.

4.He has so much faith in you if you will have his back.

5.He did me a favor by killing f***ing Larry.

6.Finally,he will die like a HERO.

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  • I don't hate Larry, I kind of like him, he just wants to protect his daughter, which I perfectly understand, there were moments where I was thinking if I should question Kenny's boat plan, because to me it seemed like it wasn't the right thing for Clem, Larry blackmailed me in case I'd do anything, that would endanger Lilly or Clem, as he said back at the Motor Inn.

    @Rock114 said: Doesn't make the blackmail any more wrong. He kept Lee's secret for THREE MONTHS. He was letting that same known murderer waltz around camp FREELY. Hell, he lets him walk around with an axe and a gun. Why didn't Larry just say something? Then Lee would be out of the group, and not walking around Larry's precious daughter with a fire axe and a sidearm every day for three months despite being a known murderer.

    Well from an ethical point of view it is wrong to blackmail Lee, but I can't blame him, Lee did kill before, which doesn't make him a person you'd trust right away. I think the reason he didn't tell everyone is, because he saw Lee cared for Clementine, and he wouldn't do anything to hurt or endanger her, which means the group aswell, and I think if you were nice towards him, Lilly and everyone else, he'd see your good intentions, which would make him keep it to himself even if he lived longer.

  • He had three months to see Lee's good intentions. Three months of always threatening to spill Lee's secret every time Lee said something he didn't like. I find it hard to like him after all that.

  • Larry had to protect Lilly in some way and if he had revealed who Lee was who would have said the rest of the people would have sided with Lee over him

    In a way he did right by Lilly by mistrusting a murderer and making sure he doesn't mess with him or those he loved

  • @Viner16 said: ...

    I liked Larry a bit...

    What the ...!
    are you serious??!! HE TRIED TO KILL LEE!

  • @Riadon said: I HATE Larry because ~ giant douchebag

    I love Kenny because ~ mustache

    Dude, thats what i was thinking! You think like a god!:D

  • @walking dead lover said: What the ...!
    are you serious??!! HE TRIED TO KILL LEE!

    Well, Andy tried to-

    Fry Lee on the fence
    Cut him up and eat him
    Shoot him
    Fry him (again)
    Beat him to death

    And for some reason, I still think Andy is kinda cool. If he hadn't been a cannibal, I would have liked to have been his friend. Maybe I'm a masochist. Screw his family though, I hated them.

  • I hated Larry because he was an asshole, dying already or not.

    I loved Kenny because he was just a bro. I usually agreed with him on most situations.

  • I didn't like either to be honest...

  • I hated Larry for not giving Lee a chance to show that he isn't bad, anyway he's still a douche

    I love Kenny because he still kept going even when he lost his family.

  • I didn't hate Larry respected him and I like Kenny foe opimism and his mustach :P other than that he was too hard headed

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