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"Let's Play The Walking Dead" by Community Members (merged threads)

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  • Let's Play: The Walking Dead Episode 4: Around Every Corner [Part 7: BEN!!]

    With the Battery and the Fuel safely in hand, the only thing left to do is get the medical supplies. Though the latter is easier said than done as there are deep, dark secrets which cling to Crawford, secrets which are better of not knowing. Lee will have to delve into Crawfords past in order acquire the supplies, but along the way he'll learn something else.

    Link: Click Here

    Let's Play: The Walking Dead Episode 4: Around Every Corner [Part 8: Sad Times Ahead]

    With the tense events within Crawford come to a dramatic end. Lee and the rest of the survivors are now dealing with the aftermaths of the events, some more than others. Even with what seemed to be the worst of the day over with, there is something else which will turn the tide of the current state of Lee and the group.

    Link: Click Here

  • Let's Play: The Walking Dead Episode 5: No Time Left [Part 1: Arming Down]

    With Lee now bitten and Clementine kidnapped within a Walker infested Savannah; there isn't much time left for Lee to do what he needs to do. So Lee and the rest of the survivors need to act quickly to escape the morgue and reach somewhere safe. But with Lee's condition worsening every minute; he will have to make a choice which could really hurt...

    Link: Click Here

  • Let's Play: The Walking Dead Episode 5: No Time Left [Part 2: Under Attack]

    Now back at the house, Lee and the survivors must re-think their plan for getting Clementine back. Time is of the essence as who knows where she is and what it is the mysterious radio person will do with her. But there are other pressing matters forcing down on them as well, as two surprises lay in store for the survivors both of which aren't good.

    Link: Click Here

  • Hey guys,

    Just bought the game on PC a few days ago and I'm really enjoying it. I'm doing a playthrough series of it on Youtube. Please feel free to check it out:

    Episode 1:

    Episode 2:

    Also, I am livestreaming my playthrough here:

    I will also be uploading part 3 shortly. Unfortunately for parts 1-3 I did not have a quality mic to record commentary. When I play parts 4 and 5 I will definitely have commentary though.

    Let me know what you think!
    Thanks. :)

  • Hey guys!
    I just wanted to let a few of you know that I'm doing a full Let's Play of the new Walking Dead DLC using saves carried over from my LP on the original game.
    I would love it if a few of you could spare a minute and check it out :)
    Maybe you're indecisive about the purchase, Want to see other people's approach to situations or even feel a bit bored - What ever your mood come have a look:

  • Hey guys, if non of you know I already did a Let's Play of The Walking Dead Season 1 and you can watch that Here But I am now setting out with a new series of The Walking Dead, with a brand new episode: 400 Days.

    Some of you might not be bothered about my videos, and that's a fair thought. But if anyway of you want to watch them you can find the playlist for the news series Here. Otherwise I'll update this thread with new videos once they're uploaded.

    Let's Play: The Walking Dead: 400 Days [Part 1: Vince]

    The return of a a true favourite to my channel has come: The Walking Dead has returned, only this time in the form of a new DLC episode known as 400 Days. 400 Days will take on a different take to the standard episodic formulae as it focuses on 5 individual people and their stories set across 400 days in the Walker uprising. We'll start are Let's play with Vince; a man who went to extreme lengths to help out his brother, but is now paying the price. Can things get any worse? Watch to find out.

    Click Here to Watch

  • Let's Play: The Walking Dead: 400 Days [Part 2: Rock, Paper, Wyatt]

    In the depths of the Walker infested Georgia there are many strange and hostile things. Never is this more clearer than when two survivors; Wyatt and Eddie are being chased by a mysterious person. Unknowing of their back-story nor why they are being chased we will have to follow as Wyatt and Eddie make their way away from their mysterious chaser

    Click Here to Watch

  • Let's Play: The Walking Dead: 400 Days [Part 3: Shel and The Return of the Invalids]

    With the walker uprising growing worse every day, people are forced to adapt in order to survive. This is the case with the Red's Diner Survivors. Shel and he sister Becca are part of the group which lives on strict rules to survive, but in a time were humanity is slowly fading away is it worth fighting to keep our humanity if it means risking our safety? Time to find out.

    Click Here to Watch

  • I can't watch them right now,but I'm sure I'll get around to it,and I subscribed as well,anything to help out :)

  • Let's Play: The Walking Dead: 400 Days [Part 4: Time to "Russell" up Trouble]

    The long road is one with many stories to tell, yet it also must be travelled to learn on these stories. We find ourselves following Russell, a lone wanderer on his journey to Statesboro. Yet along the way he will meet a strange individual, a man who will show him what stories the road has made and what the world has come to after hell rose up.

    Click Here to Watch

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