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Should Telltale future games focus on TWD Universe ?

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This is the 1st game that I buy/play from telltale, I originally got the 1st two episodes on PSN for free, for PS+ users. But after I played them I loved this game, my brother loved it, and so my sis. I waited for the Full release to buy it on Steam. And I lived every second of it.

Is it the story/gameplay that made this game successful, or is it the Universe that this game is set in, or is it a combination of both. Its not ur typical Zombie Game. All the zombie games out there cant be compared to this one, its in a league of its own.

When the S2 starts, wont people start saying they are milking it, or no ? I personally want more of it, and if it can be an on going series i wouldnt mind, as long as it remains in the same quality as this game, or gets to whole new level.

And graphically I didn't even care, it captured the atmosphere pretty well.

Only thing i wanted in it was to support Surround Sound 5.1, even without it, it sounded nice.

btw I bought Season 1 & 2 of TWD on Bluray because of this game.

Note to mods: please move it to the general discussion thread. I thought i was writing in it.

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  • TWD was my first Telltale game, too. I recommend playing Sam and Max. It's hilarious. As for the topic, no. I don't want Telltale to keep rolling out zombie stories like Kirkman has for many years.

  • @DreadMagus said: Why should they focus on just the walking dead?

    That seems like a step down for them, despite the fact this game seems to be their biggest seller.

    Yeah, I agree.

    Also, from a purely creative standpoint, focusing on just one property, or just one genre will almost always result in increasingly stale work. Normally because either you grow disgruntled at not being able to implement other creative ideas, or because you end up only really being able to draw from one well.

  • Plus, if they ever lost the license, they'd have to work even harder to "catch back up" on their other franchises.

  • Of course they should. This is probably the only REALLY successful thing they have ever done.

  • No TWD is average at best compared to their other games...
    I'm looking forward to Fables and I am hoping for Sam and Max Season 4...
    They shouldn't focus on one series just because it went mainstream
    If anything TWD should serve to make Telltale more well known to help their other series

  • I wouldn't say TWD was average, but they shouldn't FOCUS on TWD series. Other people are anxiously awaiting the other promises Telltale made, and it would be unfair for them to not get their game on time just as it would be unfair to us if other gamers forced Telltale not quit on The Walking Dead.

  • @SLH1222 said: Of course they should. This is probably the only REALLY successful thing they have ever done.

    Probably true, but they certainly ought not *just* make licenced zombie games and nothing else, because then they'd be in trouble if the fandom lost interest or they lost the licence.

    Diversity, that's the ticket. And what could be more diverse than a game featuring talking dogs, hyperkinetic rabbity-things, giant living statues of Abraham Lincoln, molemen, etc etc etc?

  • I don't mind Zombies...
    Especially if they are Dogs/Rabbits or Abraham Lincoln...

  • The Walking Dead was my first Telltale game, because of this game I have bought more of there games. I think they should make more Walking Dead but still continue there other series.

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