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What if Clementine becomes a ruthless killer no matter what ?

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Clementine saw many traumatising things at this point including seeing her parents and having to shoot/leave Lee and i think she is going to snap and pretty much become a monster like Carl and might turn on the new group no matter what we did as Lee .
I don't think our actions of sparing the St Johns , not stealing from the car , bringing her to Crawford , Killing the Stranger are gonna change Clementine's fate because i can't see her in season 2 ( if she really appears ) having a clear mind and become like Lee because Lee's action of not stealing from the car din't stop Campman from stealing Clementine , Lilly kills Carley/Doug even if we try to revive Larry . I'm afraid that Clementine might become a psychopatic killer and deciding that Lee's words don't matter and that only being ruthless will help her survive in this world and the new protagonist will have to take her out for the good of the group and it will be very painful for us .
So do you guys think that Clem will follow Lee's foot steps or become a killer no matter what ?

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