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What was your opinion about the Walking Dead before you bought it.

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My thoughts were mostly negative, I thought the graphics sucked and I had never heard of Telltale. I think I even thought they were called Talltale, but obviously my opinion changed, what were your thoughts about the game before buying it.

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  • I was told about it by a friend and he said it wast really great, I had my doubts but I bought Episode 1 and I freakin' loved it. I then bought Episode 2 and 3 and so on...

    I loved the characters and I kept thinking of what they were doing in between episodes, but then... Savannah happened :(

  • When I first saw The Walking Dead Game, it looked very interesting to me. And to this day, I am so glad that I got to experience this awesome game.

  • I was pretty excited. I've always been fascinated by the concept of episodic gaming and was really into TWD as a franchise as well. And well, its always great when your expectations are met, let alone exceeded.

  • I didn't think much of the Walking Dead universe since I've only recently looked at the comics when I first heard about the Walking Dead, and I didn't care to read any of them. Next I heard about the TV series, and I was tempted, but I didn't bother to watch them at first. Finally I hear about the game, and I rolled my eyes thinking it wouldn't work out.

    Boy I was happy when Telltales proved me wrong, since the game finally got me interested in the Walking Dead universe.

  • When i first heard about the game, i was intrigued because it was from Telltale, but a bit afraid since i'm not a fan of horror games. Nevertheless, after a youtube video or two, i gave it a try and well, i had a time of my life through these past few months.

  • I really had little opinion about it. It wasn't the first TellTale game I had ever played, so I knew the game was going to be well made, but I hadn't read the comics or watched the show so I wasn't really sure what kind of story to expect. But after Episode 1, I was hooked, bought the rest of the episodes and wept once I finished it the first time. I've been trying to think of another game where I cared so much about the characters, and I really can't.

  • I bought it after my friends told me that it's an amazing game. I have been a bit skeptical at first, because I never played an adventure game before, but after the first few minutes I totally fall in love with the game. Then I was just excited to play the next episode.

  • I hadn't read the comics or seen the TV series before either (and still haven't to be honest). I didn't pay any interest in this game in its early months. When game award season came around I was actually disliking it because it was competing with (and winning against) my game of the year at that time. The fans were also getting on my nerves by how they were acting in comment sections.

    I actually don't remember what pushed me to try it. I may have seen a clip of someone crying to a certain part on the internet and that made me interested enough to invest. So I imported the disc version from America (I prefer my disc games to downloads >.>) and haven't looked back since!

  • That it was a movie in game form. Due to all the comments about it... but after it started winning all those awards, I as a gamer.... HAD to play it and find out why it was getting these GOTY as what I considered at the time an "Indie" game.

    Got it and found out :)
    Now my #1 all time game.

  • I actually watched the start of a lets-play of ep 1, not expecting it to be good. After about 10 minutes I stopped watching and set about getting the money to buy it ASAP.

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