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Is Lilly in the comic?

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There's a Lilly but is it the same one?

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  • There is a long story about if it's the same Lilly, the short answer is no they are two different characters.

  • There is indeed a long thread that covers this extensively (the one about Robert Kirkman and the Road to Woodbury novel). I'll summarize the situation for you though.

    - Game Lilly was written to be the same character as the Woodbury soldier Lilly in the comics, along with Glenn and Hershel. It even said so on the original bio page for Lilly on the Telltale website.

    - Robert Kirkman comes out with the novel The Road to Woodbury, which features comic book Lilly as the main character. In the novel, Lilly has a different father and back story than the one in the game. The novels, comics and game are all in the same universe, so this creates a continuity issue.

    - Telltale removes all mentions of game Lilly being the same Lilly as the one in the comics from her bio and the website. Also, the achievement you get when Lilly leaves the group was changed from "Woodbury bound" to "What now?" This suggests that Telltale has made this a different Lilly after all to keep the continuity intact, although Telltale never publicly acknowledges the changes or what happened.

    - Robert Kirkman finally confirms in the Q&A at the end of a recent comic book issue that game Lilly and novel/comic Lilly are, in fact, two different Lillys

    My personal opinion is what while I was initially disappointed to learn that it was no longer the same Lilly, I accepted it because A.) Lilly is hardly in the comics anyway and it was never confirmed in-game that it was the same person, and B.) with this no longer being the same person, it opens up the possibility for the character to return in season 2.

  • well, if this is true, it kinda sucks and really confuses the story (and my playthrough) because I dealt with this Lily the same way I'd have dealt with the one from the comics.

    And again, if this is true, then theres very much the possibility we could see her again- but I clearly remember one of the selling points of this game was meeting canon characters before they take their place in the comics.

  • Well, it seems to me, if they took this step, it means they have plans on she in the future.

  • it will be so confusing at this point now- too confusing in fact
    So Glenn was the real Glenn and Herschel was the real Herschel but this Lilly is not the real Lilly???
    "I look like lilly, I act like lilly...but come on guys, Im not *that* Lilly*
    Nah, just let her keep driving in the opposite direction with that van.
    Just make a new hostile, anti-social, white woman with brown hair- and for the love of god, dont call her Milly

  • To this day I really do not know why Robert Kirkmen changed Game Lilly into someone else, not that I care as I see benefits from it but still why?

  • @Bioshock Infinite WD said: To this day I really do not know why Robert Kirkmen changed Game Lilly into someone else, not that I care as I see benefits from it but still why?

    Kirkman didn't necessarily "change" game Lilly. He simply gave comic Lilly enough backstory to void out the possibility that the two are related. He wanted to map out her backstory for a novel and its sequel.

    Even though the two aren't related, I treat them as if they are. I played the game with the intention that game Lilly is from the comics, and that's how I'm going to treat her as such. With what Lilly does in the comics, I see her redeeming herself for murdering Doug/Carley.

  • I don't read books so to me the comic Lilly and the game Lilly are the same

  • It really does not matter in the long run if this is the same Lilly, it would only matter if she came back in Season 2 and it's debatable if it will even happen, I would like it to though.

  • When this game first came out, one of the highlights was to meet canon characters from the comics before they took their place in their settings, so with that said this is the same Lilly imo- but I just came back and people are saying this is not the same Lily (according to Kirkman), so if Kirkman says this isnt the same Lily, that kinda settles it for me...apparently this is the bizarro Lilly we've been dealing wtih /rolleyes

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