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Xbox 360 controller not working with Poker Night 1

posted by Hamdouken on - last edited - Viewed by 610 users

I've not seen this problem with many people, but i can't seem to get my 'Wireless xbox 360 controller for pc' to work with Poker Night at the Inventory.

The funny thing is that i can play Poker Night 2 and all other games that support controllers on Steam, except Poker Night 1.

If anyone has ideas what could cause this to happen, or maybe a fix how to get it to work, i'd appreciate it.

Here's my DxDiag

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    DjNDB Moderator

    Does the game crash?
    If that's the case, please check if the game crash creates an entry in the
    event viewer in the "Windows Logs/Application" section.
    If so, right click the entry, select "copy the details as text", and paste them in a new reply.

  • No crash, i've tried it with big picture mode and without it. You can only control the game with a mouse once you open it.

    I've tried reinstalling but that didn't fix it. Also checked that my mouse & keyboard drivers & programs weren't the problem.

    I did the first time installation and started the game without my 360 controller being plugged in, could there be a registry file with mouse being primary way to control the game?

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    DjNDB Moderator

    I don't know if Poker Night 1 even has gamepad support.

  • I guess that's why there's not much talk about it, i thought it would be perfect game to play it with a controller just like Poker Night 2.

    Damn, i should have searched for "poker night at the inventory and controller support" instead of "controller is not working with..." heh.

    Well, thanks for clearing that out.

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