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  • Jennifer, thanks for your comments. You always have very good, thorough analyses.

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    Jennifer Moderator

    Austin Wintory's Leisure Suit Larry: Reloaded soundtrack is now up on Bandcamp. :)

    If you didn't pledge high enough to get a download of this (or didn't pledge at all), it's only $6 US. And well worth it. The live interpretations of the old Larry songs are simply amazing. :eek:

  • Not sure how reliable the following info is, but this Amazon page (still has the hideous cover art, ugh) says the game is coming out at the end of August and is rated Teen. I would have expected an M rating. Also thought it was being released in the next week:

    I guess we'll have to wait and see what Replay says in their next update.

    posted earlier by Replay Games forum moderator indendant s:
    August 25th is certainly not the correct date. Larry will be released on June 27th. And I don't know why Amazon listed the game as "Teen". I've played the beta extensively and the original charm of Larry is still there. Definitely nothing to suggest a watered-down game. There's plenty of jokes and easter eggs to warrant LSL:R as a mature game. There looks like a lot of misinformation on the Amazon page. Thanks for bringing it to our attention.

  • Game launches TONIGHT.
    [Quote]We’re releasing Leisure Suit Larry: Reloaded to the public at 11:59pm PDT TONIGHT! [/Quote]

  • ...and in the morning(here anyway) on Steam at the usual time.

  • Sorry, meant to post that but got distracted by... other things. *COUGH*N7*COUGH*

    [Quote]Steam has informed us that, since they would prefer that there actually be humans in their offices when a new game is released, the game will NOT be going live on Steam until 10:00am PDT tomorrow. [/Quote]

  • Looks like they have a massive winner. Will write more later, but the first major Kickstarter-funded game to be released (LSL Reloaded) appears to have hit the bullseye.

    The extra time spent to polish the thing was well worth it.

    Interested to hear all you guys' thoughts.

  • Ehh, not sure I'll pick this one up until a future Steam sale. I'm just not that interested in it now that I have the originals.

  • @Gibbeynator said: Ehh, not sure I'll pick this one up until a future Steam sale. I'm just not that interested in it now that I have the originals.

    But but but...the puzzles are all different, there's new lines and a new girl! It's like a new game but with the same plot!

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