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Clementine emotionless forever ?

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If Clementine will appear in season 2 will she be the same like in season 1 or she will be emotionless , unhappy and not caring about anything anymore and she will be like this till the end like let's say that Clem joins the new protagonist and the new group for one episode and before Clem leaves the group the new protagonist asks her to be happy once again for Lee and her parents because if she appears in season 2 she will mention them but Clementine says that she will never be happy ever again because there is no hope for this world and she leaves .
So do you guys think that she will be the same like in season 1 or will she be full of empathy till the end and never smile in season 2 ?

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  • She really need to find a good person, in the near future time, as soon as it's possible, it's the only way, otherwise she inward looking forever, or something worst. <==== It seems to me that it's will happen and it will be too late to change anything

  • @ZeroShoot said: But she did alright without her parents for a long time, they were good as dead... so, little difference.

    Yes she did ok (while she had Lee) but seeing her parents as zombies will definitely have scarred her for life, as it would anybody.

  • @Supporter of Lilly said: Yeah shell be sad for awhile but she will get over it

    I don't think you understand how human beings work.

  • Its not like it's just lee either, She got the confirmation she'd been fearing about her parents, she's become the sole survivor of the group that she rode out the early days with , all of this happening in the space of a few days.

    In terms of how season 2 is going to start for her, best case scenario it's Omid and Christa on the hill, who would care for her and maybe prevent her from becoming cold. Middle scenario it could be friendly stangers, but could she ever trust people again?, worst case scenario, hostile or walkers, in which case Clem has a fear of strangers re-enforced and spends an unknown amount of time completely alone in a nightmare world.

    The only realistic scenario is that she's pretty traumatised. Maybe not emotionless, but i won't find it plausible that she shows up acting like her old self.

  • Emotionless is the wrong way of putting what you are saying. She will be the same old Clementine but she will have issues more in the sense of getting attached to people. People dont start not trusting anyone. Anyway Clementine wont just trust anyone, thats the learning curve the stranger gave her. She will now be more carefull in who she trusts.

  • It's not like she was betrayed guys... she'll rather be afraid of losing people she's close to.
    How comes so many users say she won't trust people that easy anymore?

  • @ZeroShoot said: It's not like she was betrayed guys... she'll rather be afraid of losing people she's close to.
    How comes so many users say she won't trust people that easy anymore?

    It just seems to be a common theme in the universe that the characters after a while become very wary of strangers so i wouldn't be surprised to see it resurface. Especially given that more of the groups loses came from people than walkers.

  • Well from my standpoint, from losing all the people I cared about during an apocalypse, I would purposely try to become less social, more paranoid, less friendly, etc. because the worst thing that can happen is the other people die or they leave. But if it hurts so much to lose someone close, and you know you will lose many of them, you try to close yourself off to avoid getting hurt every time something happens.

    So... I think Clem will become distant, colder, less trusting, less friendly, and less humane, really. Will it last? No, almost definitely not. Will it happen? Again, high chances. It's human nature really.

  • Thing is I imagine you are very different to Clementine. As said its not like Lee betrayed her in dieing. And she is a child, one of any kids biggest fears is being alone. I cant see that kid being an emotionless brick wall. The whole style of Telltale is to bring out emotion, thats what got us all into it. Not turning characters into the Neutrals from star trek.

  • I understand that she probably is more than disturbed, but if I were alone in such a world, let alone being 9 years old, I'd be desperate to find anyone. I wouldn't go around and pick who I'd trust. After all she is nine years old, she doesn't have the same thoughts as any of us does. As you perfectly pointed out she is not an emotionless brick wall and her biggest fear is being alone, especially in that hell of a world. She knows the difference between decent people and bandits. And I honestly think she will go towards the first seemingly nice people she comes across, rather than running from them.

    Furthermore, when I said that her parents' deaths don't have an immediate impact on her life I meant, that she of course is sad, which is perfectly understandable, but she got adjusted to living without them. That fact does not take away any of the emotional pain, but it... I don't know if it is the right word... gives confidence.

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