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Who were the shadows in the epilogue?

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  • Some day we are going to need that like button, I can not count how many times I would have pressed it by now.

  • Are they like Omid and Christa or Kenny and Lilly or Carely and Dog

  • It's Omid and Christa. Lilly won't make her appearance until later in the season. I'd say episode 3. The rest of the people on your list are dead, walkers or will only be seen in a rerun.

  • Carley and Doug are dead, and I don't think Lilly was anywhere near Savannah by that time, so it's not her either. Omid and Christa are the most likely choices, followed by Kenny or Molly. But, that's only if it's not two new characters altogether.

  • I sure it's new characters. I hope that they are not psychopaths (well, or just a little), and Clementine will not use her Colt M1911, against them. (although it would be funny see)

  • @Juicymarmalade said: Why would Christa and Omid be wandering around in the middle of nowhere? One would think they would've stayed in the city if they were to look for Lee and Clementine. It's probably new characters.

    Because they said they wanted to go to the Countryside when you realized that the boat was gone.

    @Juicymarmalade said: Christa talked about wanting to go to the countryside.....look at the height difference too it is for sure them.

    It's possible they're walkers of them. Explaining why Clem looks undoubtably terrified.
    Though I will be very annoyed if that is the case.

    @Juicymarmalade said: HOW DARE YOU EXPECTING A HAPPY ENDING IN A ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE!!!!!!111111????

    It HAS to be a depressing ending where people die and suffer, since life itself is full of pleasure and happiness nowadays. Just watch the news. Happiness everywhere! People don't go bombing or shooting each other for ridiculous reasons, child abusers and sexual offenders all turned allright all of a sudden, corrupt politicians are honest people now and hey look, poverty and crime are now gone forever! Everybody got a great job and is living the american dream, so let's pour some distress and depression in our leasure time activities, since the world itself is a way too nice and cheerful place!

    Oh boy, can't wait for Rick Grimes to pass away in a painful, cruel and unnecessarily depressing way! Good times.

    I liked 28 Days Later and I Am Legend (Though I am aware they are not technically zombies).
    I Am Legend had a good but also sad ending where the remaining survivors moved on and tried to live their lives as best as possible.
    That would've been good enough for me at least.

    @Juicymarmalade said: I want them to be Christa and Omid but I think it will be two strangers.Because if they were Omid and Christa they didn't need to show them as shadows..

    I felt like the shadows were a sort of 'Middle Finger to the Fans' unless it is clairified in Season II.

    @Juicymarmalade said: It might be just my hope of a somewhat happy ending, but I really do believe that it was Christa and Omid. The shadows fit their character models and Christa says they are going to the country side after all this to get away from cities; Clem ends up at the country side at the end. The way to get there would be to go past the train and into the outskirts, so Clem would arrive at the same location more or less. It's not very far fetched considering there aren't many people there and both Clem and Christa and Omid were going to the same area. I guess having Clem smile in the final scene would make it too obvious and happy for the Walking Dead.

    Honestly, a suspenseful ending is only fair if there is a proper sequel, otherwise it's wrong.
    Especially for a good game, the fact that the game is good shouldn't be the exclusion.
    I feel the ending of a game makes about 30% of the game's worth.
    So even if the game is amazing, if the ending is really that bad, it's not really worth it.
    Imagine the greatest thing in the world that you could actually do.
    Now you are told that you must LITERALLY eat a gallon of feces when you're done.
    What do you do?
    The logical person will just enjoy the activity and then refuse the feces when offered.
    But how can you play a game, and just stop at the end?
    All I'm saying is, unless it really is 'To Be Continued...', a BAD Ending is never fair.
    But understand, I do not think of a Bad Ending and a Sad Ending as the same.
    In a Sad Ending, there is a terrible sacrifice but the goal is met for the price.
    In a Bad Ending, there is a terrible sacrifice but the goal in the end is NOT met, i.e. Clem did not survive.
    And when the ending is meant to actually be the ending, we deserve to at least know if this is a Sad Ending or a Bad Ending.

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  • Were did you find those images, you know I don't want to know but they are kind of creepy.

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