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The Walking Dead Glitches

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I am not sure that this is the correct place to post any glitches here, but I could not find it. Before I continue I just want to say that this is one of the best games I have ever played, and I will be sure to post a good review on it, through gamespot, and other gaming forums. The Walking Dead is a very deep and emotional story, and almost felt realistic in the human nature of things, as far as survival, in my case I had tried to save everyone, and not kill anyone even if they had deserved it, when I tried to save Larry from his heart condition, Kenny still ended up killing him, even after I had revived him, in order to prevent him from becoming a walker.


I have only found a few things so far, I will try to keep this up to date whenever I make different choices, or come across doing the same thing but finding something that I might have missed.

Episode 1:

at the drug Pharmacy, after Clementine cut her self and I was putting bandage on her finger, her voice was over lapping each other, her saying two things at the same time.

Episode 2:

After Larry was having another episode with his heart condition, I chose to help Lily and save his life, I provided CPR and for a split second two things happened first he opened his eyes, turned a little bit opened his mouth for a moment, then had his head crushed with the Salt Block, but even after the fact, Larry still said that I was a "worthless piece of crap" or something similar to that. I do apologize I was going through a shocked moment after I had just revived him.

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  • Hey guys, sorry for the delay in the response, still trying to get in the habit of blogging here, and sorry Mornai for the spoilers :/ was trying to avoid spoiling the game for anyone, I'll remember next time to go to the correct post. (in case any one else wishes to continue to read there will be more spoilers.).

    Episode 1:

    I had never received a call from Glenn saying that he was in trouble, and that he needed assistance, the only way I found out was just going to Carley, and asked if I was ready to go.

    Episode 2:

    During the cut scene when Lee had fixed the swing at the barn, Andy was carrying the gas can for one moment, but then it disappeared and reappear right next to the power generator.

    When I was given the option to either kill Danny or spare his life, the pitchfork looked as if it had vines wrapped around air were the wooden staff is supposed to be, if that makes any sense.

    During the cut scene when Andy attempted to kill Lee, Carley took a shot at Andy, but instead of the gun keeping to it's usual color black, it looked more of a rusted color.

    Episode 3:

    During the fight between Lee, and Kenny. the wound on his cheek does not show up until a little later.

    This one here is a major one to me by far. After speaking with Chuck, about teaching Clementine how to survive in this world now, I went over to get onto the other train cart, but could not go any further, not even the cut scene between Lee and Ben would show up. I had to restart that part of the game and thankfully it worked that time, though I could not get the glitch to run again.

  • At the beginning of Episode 3 during my last playthrough, Lilly had an invisible rifle. That was kinda funny, though.

  • Hmmm, I kind of wonder if it is the choices we make is what kind of glitches we receive....

  • In episode 3, after arriving at the train, Chuck is sitting down playing guitar. On my first play through, when I went over and talked to him, suddenly his body was standing completely upright and not moving at all when he talked, but the guitar was still hovering closer to the ground as if he were sitting and holding it. It was poking out of his body.

  • @SLH1222 said: same thing happened to me, in episode two. On episode 3, just before i talk to ben about what he did with the bandits on the train, the screen suddenly turns around and i am unable to see any of the characters. All i am able to see is trees and bushes.

    Same thing happened to me while playing it on the ps3. I had to restart the game, and it worked.

  • ahah and i saw when pewdiepie playd it when kat carried duck he disapperd.

  • I get all sorts of funny glitches if I rewind to make a different choice. In ep5 I felt guilty about killing ben so I went back and saved him. So he comes with me to find Vernon gone. But after we get back to the house and release the others who were locked in the garage by Vernon it's like he's dead. He is just gone from then on. Except once in one of the attic rooms he all of a sudden has a line, I forget which one. That's because he says something but you can't see him, just the scenery then he never appears again. Made me laugh.

  • The one that I've encountered so far..
    Episode 3:
    When the group were trying to get the train runs, Duck is invisible - Katjaa was holding into nothing and it supposed to be Duck..

  • One of my saves has an amusing graphical glitch on Kenny. He has a thick black line floating above one of his shoulders at roughly ear height. It's been there since episode 3 and is in any scene he's in.

  • In episode 4 Christa's whole body was flipping around and spinning in barrel rolls while walking, during the beginning and into the mansion backyard. I think I recorded it it was really funny.

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