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Clem shouldn't die just to make the story sadder

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People say that Clementine dying will make season 2 much emotional and more dramatic than season 1 . Well I say NO !
Do people realise that if Clementine dies just for shock value and sadness than Lee's sacrifice would be for nothing , and that pretty much means that all of our choices for season 1 were all for nothing and if she dies than Lee will be forgotten forever and it would be a insult to those who loved him .
Just because this is The Walking Dead and that there is no happy ending it doesn't mean that Clementine has to die just to make season 2 emotional i mean we are going to have a new cast right ? They can season 2 emotional with the new protagonist and the new group .
To be honest if Clementine dies and we can't do anything about it than it would be a big middle finger to those sweet moments between Lee and Clem and that taking care of her and training her was pointless

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