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Who cut off your arm?

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Has someone made a thread like this before if they have I apologise. So if you chose to cut off your arm then who did it. If you show the bite and bring Christa and Omid, Christa will do it, if you bring the whole group or the group without Ben then Kenny will chicken out both times so again Christa will do it. If you hide the bite and bring Ben he will chicken out and you have to do it yourself. I find it funny that Ben fainted I don't know why it was just funny. If you bring Kenny he will do it. If you bring Kenny and Ben then Kenny will do it. If you go alone then you of course cut your own arm off. I hid the bite and at first I brought Kenny and Ben but Ben was use less so I rewinded and only brought Kenny so he cut my arm off both times anyway. Did you show or hide the bite, who did you bring, did you decide to cut your arm off and who did it?

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