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So in series 2 we might see new characters so I wondering if you were given the chance by telltale to make a character for series 2 what would that character be like. Mention there name, age, gender, what they look like, personality, old occupation, family (dead or alive), friends (dead or alive), weapons, backstory and there thoughts and plans about the apocalypse. Would this character be based off yourself or someone complete different. This is character must be surviving on there own. Be creative and I can't wait to see what you come up with.

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  • Sure, why not? Just for fun though. Might look into other entries for inspiration with my own personal projects:

    Name: Spencer
    Gender: Male
    Age: Early to Mid 20's
    Ethnicity: Hispanic
    Former Occupation: Photographer
    Appearance: 6 feet tall, medium build, black hair, checkered jacket, black jeans
    Personality traits: Dutiful. Innocent natured, inquisitive and possibly nosy, passive and quiet unless spoken to, tends to be blunt at times, clever with technology and is proficient in several areas at the cost of poor social skills.
    Weapon preferences: Had once used his camera as a swinging weapon for self-defence, otherwise prefers to shoot from afar with a handgun.
    Backstory ideas: Was attacked in his photography studio the moment the walkers had emerged and was forced to trap himself with a group of survivors in a darkroom with little supplies and no other exit for days, hoping that the walkers would not be able to detect them. Spencer, not able to deal with the group's aggressive, intolerant, and domineering ways, decided to lock himself away into another darkroom as an outcast he was percieved as. Soon the walkers broke in and attacked the group while Spencer was asleep, and he woke up from the smell of blood from the walkers feasting on the group's corpses. Spencer studied the nature of the walkers before finding an opportunity to escape, and understood that he was only alive because he had kept quiet and hidden, while the group kept arguing at each other under stress. An opportunity had appeared, and Spencer took it, and was able to leave the studio entirely. He was at a loss once he looked outside, the walkers were roaming, corpses were scattered, and houses upon houses were barricaded. Spencer, not wanting another darkroom situation with people who did not trust others and did not think to stay hidden, decided to be on his way. He would be seen by other survivors as a vagrant, a loner, a freak, but Spencer did not care. He was still alive, unharmed, oblivious to the country's condition with the walker epidemic, and that was what mattered to him the most. All he does now is take pictures of the world as a newfound hobby to help pass the time, and to help keep him sane. So as long as he doesn't see survivors, a walker, or anything else that would seem dangerous, he was happy.

    Well, that's that. It's not the most original idea in the world, but it was something to pass the time.

  • Well since its my thread and I have free time I might as well get involved:

    Name: Rachel
    Gender: Female
    Age: 22
    Former Occupation: Collage student, work experience at car engineering, full time mum
    Appearance: Long brown hair tied back, black jeans, blue jacket
    Personality: Caring, smart, frustrated at times, selfless
    Weapons: Good in combat using anything as a weapon, often uses a knife but uses a gun at times
    Backstory: Rachel was 18 and in collage when she had her son Michael. Michael's father walked out on them leaving Rachel to raise him on her own. Her parents supported her and helped pay for her house. When the apocalypse began she made her house into base by blocking all the windows. But realised if she needed to keep Michael safe she couldn't there for to long after a walker almost managed to get in but was killed by a stranger. She tried to get to her parents by car but crashed and had to bash a walkers head in with a spanner to protect her son. (This story is really long so I'll have to shorten it but I am making a fan fiction about this character) Michael was bitten so she had to put him out of his misery but couldn't bring herself to do it so she was bitten on her arm but cut it off and survived. She still out there and has no plans for the future as she can't live without Michael.

  • Thank you for your verdict. :)

  • Awesome idea. I've written some Walking Dead, so I already have characters made :D

    Name: Daniel(Dan) Wilms

    Gender: Male

    Age: 26

    Ethnicity: German & Hungarian American.

    Former Occupation: Lieutenant of U.S Navy
    Appearance: 6'3, large build, dark brown hair, and auburn eyes. Wears his desert-camo uniform, with a black hoodie underneath that he wears mostly to cover his head and neck. Also, his face is covered, mostly on the right side, by a mask made of dark cloth. It is later known he was attacked and was left with a large scar that traced all the way down his face, also hurting his eye-sight(He can still see). His right eye now has a yellowish hue to it.

    Personality traits: Dutiful. Over-protective; non-friendly to outsiders; understanding; paranoid; adaptive; improviser; loyal to comrades; born leader. Slow with modern military technology, but otherwise smart. Would rather fail a mission than to lose a teammate.
    Weapon preferences: Uses knives, swords, and his baretta. Can use all assortments of firearms, but prefers handguns. Mediocre tank-driver.

    Backstory ideas: Was deployed overseas in Iraq when the apocalypse started, doing an undercover mission on some suspicious activity and tips from local rebel forces. His group ends up discovering an abandoned convoy, and stumbles upon walkers. Unknowingly, but finding something weird, watches them to discover their motives. Eventually, more walkers show up and attack, resulting in a casualty(bitten arm that gets removed by Wilms), and realizes these 'humans' are abnormal. Falls back on secondary objective to recover two prisoners, and then heads for extraction, losing a few soldiers along the way. After escaping and while heading home, is attacked by an injured soldier that turned, and (in story is how he got his scar, but could happen from another source instead). Heads home and is sent into the ranks that are trying to clear the walkers, but defects with his men, seeing the idea as suicide. Is hunted at first, but escapes unharmed, and they go into hiding.

    Note: In story, Wilms and his team are immune to the virus due to not being exposed to the virus, and so explains Wilm's yellow eye, his scar, and his constantly occurring moments of sickness, because of a walker scratch that infected him, but he survived.

    (The virus was spread by the water, which all need to survive. Wilms and the others were drinking old, bottled water. The virus died in the water after a certain amount of time, making it safe to drink again.)

  • Name: Mary Sue.

    Gender: Female.

    Age: Sixteen.

    Ethnicity: Beautiful.

    Former Occupation: President of the world.

    Appearance: Beautiful and young. She has silvery long hair with icy blue eyes. She usually wears a long silver dress. She is usually sought after by all boys in the vicinity due to her beauty.

    Personality: Gentle, majestic, kind, intelligent, modest.

    Background Story: She was dubbed the most beautiful lady in the world. She also has a vampire boyfriend who loves him who also looks like Edward Cullen who is also very buff. She holds secret powers and is immune to the zombie virus. She is the last known hope for the world. Also her tears can revive someone.

    I'll laugh if anyone takes this seriously.

  • Name: Marshall

    Age: 21

    Gender: Male

    Ethnicity: Caucasian

    Occupation: Unemployed

    Personality Traits: Cocky, Fearless, Charismatic, loud-mouthed, Vulgar, Judgmental, Vengeful, Responsibility, Dependable.

    Weapon Preference: Mainly melee weapons is his specialty.

    Background: Marshall came from a rough childhood, growing up he started Smoking and drinking, he then started doing petty thefts with his best friend Lamar. The day before the Apocalypse Marshall had robbed a gas station. He shot the Cashier, killed him in cold blood. The guilt was eating Marshall alive throughout the Night, the next day is when things got bad. Marshall witnessed his bestfriend being Eaten, of course Marshall tries to save him but only ends up putting Lamar out of his Misery. Marshall then loads up a Backpack and starts travelling around Augusta Georgia looking for Survivors. In a way he hopes to make Redemption for his Actions in the new world.

  • Seriously man, you used 'Mary Sue' as the name. Pretty sure NO ONE will take you seriously xD

    Name: Thomas Raines

    Gender: Male

    Age: 36

    Ethnicity: British and Irish American.

    Former Occupation: Sergeant of U.S Navy

    Appearance: 6'5, large build, dirty-blond hair, and blue eyes. Skin is fairly pale. Wears his desert-camo uniform, and always wears his helmet on missions and after the apocalypse starts(Considers it good luck). Small scars on his right arm from knife fights, and a burn mark on his neck from his childhood. Wears dark gloves, and has several tattoos to cover his arm scars. They've slightly bled over the years, making the scars slightly noticeable.

    Personality traits: Loyal to a fault to his commander. Strict, cold-hearted to many, and slightly annoyed by newcomers. He is not afraid to speak out, although he rarely does. Despite his harsh first-appearance, he is very protective about those he cares about, and shows a great level of compassion to the few he grows close to. He is a little paranoid from his time in service, and he is known to be well-suited in tough situations. Has saved several of his teammates/helped them recover from injuries, and so is joked as a 'Teddy-bear' despite his size. Despises flying.

    Weapon preferences: Prefers rifles, mainly semi-automatic, and is often seen carrying his M14. For melee, was always good with knives, but also uses a brass pole for it's durability.

    Backstory ideas: Was alongside Wilms, under his command when hell broke loose. Served as one of his higher-ups when the walkers began to surface, and helps lead in Wilm's place when he is gone. He is the highest ranking soldier besides Lieutenant Easterling, and so gains much respect amongst his comrades and the civilians they meet once they make it home. He ends up being one of the main contributors to the base they set up in an old high school, and helps manage it after more and more people find refuge there. When Wilms receives a distress call from other survivors, he is one of the first to volunteer to aid, and they leave the base to help the other struggling humans. (Other parts are added, but non-relevant to this at all)

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  • Name: Steve
    Gender: Male
    Age: 24
    Ethnicity: Yankee
    Former Occupation: Unemployed (Underground drug diller)
    Appearance: Blone hair, green eyes, average body shape, pale skin, blue jeans, white t-shirt. Army badge hanging on the neck of formerly belonged to his elder brother who was marine soldier.
    Personality traits: Emotional, with a sense of humor, all his life he tried to show everyone that he is worse than it actually is, often uses bad words, not indifferent to children (in good sense of this word).
    Weapon preferences: Bolt action sniper rifles (especially M40A5 - rifle Marines, brother taught him a good shot). Semi-automatic pistols. Melee combat weapons.
    Backstory ideas: After finishing school, Steve fell into bad company, he was replanted on drugs, because of them. His brother by the name of Fred was older than Steve on ten years, and while Steve instead of studying in College was engaged in drugs, Fred fought in Iraq. Ashley - mother of the brothers, was the mother of a loner, because her husband, father and brothers, died in a car crash many years ago, her children's Fred and Steve is the only close people that remained to her. After returning from Iraq Fred, very angry at Steve for what he has done, he causes the mother pain, Fred beat Steve half to death, he could not believe that his younger brother was a drug dealer, and after three days epidemic starts. The family managed to successfully evacuate from the city, then the command of the U.S. army urged all soldiers of the dismissal, to clean the city from the zombies, Fred had to obey the order of command. After a few days Ashley was bitten, Steve had to shoot in their own mother. After a month, Steve met Fred, he and other survivors soldiers fled from the city, Steve joined the military group. Fred learned about what happened to their mother. After some time, a large group began to break up into small groups, and eventually Fred and Steve were alone. One day the brothers met with a group of bandits, gangsters tried to Rob them, but Fred had shot their leader, and two others. After a few weeks, one of the surviving bandits followed brothers, and shot Fred in the head, Steve killed the attacker. Steve ripped from his neck army badge, and after that he buried Fred. On the Fred's army badge was scratched some labels these were the names. Two names Ashley and Steve. Name Ashley was crossed out. Seeing this Steve broke down and fell to the ground crying. He hated himself for all that he did to his family, he took badge, and a knife, and crossed out his own name on it.
    P.S. Well, honestly this is the character which I would see as the main character.
    In my threads

    I mean him.
    Besides, I imagine that one day Steve will scratching on the army badge a new name - Clementine...

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