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Gametap only available in the States?

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I don't know if there was already a thread about this, and I'm sorry if there was, but are us canucks going to have to wait until November to play the game? I was on the Gametap site today and it said it was only available in the States.

What is a canuck to do?

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    [quote]A Telltale representative is the only person who could tell us the nitty gritty details involved with selecting their partner, but that's unlikely, and, really, unnecessary, because the reasons given make enough sense on their own. Nothing I'm about to say is necessarily factual, but darn it, if you can speculate then I can too ( tongue ):[/quote]

    Well, indeed, but I thought I'd ask one anyway.

    And I never said anything like Valve would definately have offerend them a great deal off the bat, but it would be unlikely for them not to offer somthing good under the circumstances in my opinion.

    Anyhow, am off to play Insaniquarium. I <3 Popcap. Who incidentally have their own online districution but still used Steam because they could reach a much wider audience due to the massive install base.

    Anyhow, all online distribution is good provided it will be done right (Unlimited re-downloads and ability to play at times when you have no net connection available are a must). Every step that takes us further away from archaic disk protection schemes and typing in badly printed cd keys from an undisclosed location somwhere in the packaging is a step worth taking.

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    My only problem with this is whatever way you look at it. This is casual discrimination based solely upon where you live.

    It isnt just Telltale who are guilty of it and to be fair it isnt 100% their fault that Gametap are US only. But you think they would have done better research beforehand before doing this. In todays modern society where information can be sent from one side of the world to the other in a few seconds rather than a few weeks, this kind of discrimination is totally unneccesary. The movie industry is slowly starting to realise this. More and more movies boast their "Simultaneous worldwide release".
    This is good for the audience AND the movie company. The audience dont feel cheated and the movie company profits more because people who would have had to wait for a release are less likely to say "Screw em ill just pirate it"
    It simply generates bad feelings all round to have something available to one group but not to another.

    Just my 2 PENCE!

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    It's a game that easily can be downloaded from the Internet at any time as soon as it's ready (as opposed to other games that must be shipped etc.).

    But I'm not allowed to download it since I live in the wrong place. That's annoying, especially since I've been waiting for that "day in the middle of October" for a long time.

    Dude - to reiterate previous posters - IT'S A GAME!
    That you have become so excited about having to wait 2 WEEKS for a video game to be released, that you are publically contenplating piracy seems more than a little extreme (actually it sounds like you 'really' need to get laid man, I mean c'mon get a little perspective here - It's 2-3 hours entertainment your crying over here)

    & as Tell-Tale have already stated, if GameTap drop them a bundle of cash for two weeks exclusivity - By waiting two weeks you get to play a new S&M game - If they hadn't accepted GameTaps offer, there would be no S&M game at all

    [quote]That's not because I'm childish, [/quote]
    Yes dude, yes it is.

    it's because of other things that catches my interest. I'm not a millionaire so I can't buy every new game that gets released. However, I WAS indeed planning to buy Sam&Max yesterday....but something got in the way.[/quote]

    Nothing has gotten in your way - Man, I know it sounds like I'm ragging on you here & I'm sorry, but if you've so little else going on in your life that your getting this wound up over a two week delay, then you really need to take a step back and re-evaluate what kind of life you've set up for yourself here.

    (besides, if you've only limited funds for game buying, another two weeks can be used to build up the anticipation for whe you do get your hands on it and allow you to start saving your cash for the next game you are after - S&M Episode 1 isn't a long game in itself)

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    Stupid film festivals that let people see movies before the rest of the world. DAMN THEM!

    How about we pretend the game isn't even out yet and that November 1st is the real release.
    Horay! Everything's back to normal!

    (As soon as episode 2 comes out (and beyond), the whole gametap complaining thing will be gone (mostly) because everyone (gametappers /rest of world) will both have exactly one month between releases.)

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    I admit that I was one of the many people who grumbled and groaned when GameTap was the only place to get Sam and Max on release. I ended up getting a free month trial for Gametap just to play it. But the service itself is really well done. I spent more time last night playing the old sierra classics - space quest, kings quest, and quest for glory than I did playing the new S & M.

    The service is really great - they just need to make it available in other countries. It's a shame that customers lining up for a chance to pay need to wait 2 wee...erm it's only 12 days now.

    Hold on guys, it's worth the wait - funny as can be.

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    sorry other world wide fans, but canada is supported by gametap, we are having prob.'s with canadian zip codes with letters in it, but even that will be fixed shortly, we are planning to expand to the other countries, asap.

    expanding the grounds at which we play on!

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    IronCladChicken: I've never said anything about piracy. Stop putting words into my mouth.

    If I don't buy the game, I simply wont play it.

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    [quote]sorry other world wide fans, but canada is supported by gametap, we are having prob.'s with canadian zip codes with letters in it, but even that will be fixed shortly, we are planning to expand to the other countries, asap.

    expanding the grounds at which we play on![/quote]

    I hope N. Korea gets first dibs. They need cheering up.

    Contact the distributers there pronto!

  • I'm kindof a latecomer here, but there's several things I'd like to point out.

    These people you are talking about who will pirate the games because internationals can't get it early...

    will have to be pretty persistent piraters. Trust me. The exe file for the game, as it is run on your computer, is located at the UNC address \\.\TGN131000150\Sam & Max - Culture Shock.exe, which as far as I can tell, is RELATIVE to something (you know, like ..)

    I'd like to know if a single one of you who isn't a part of GameTap has any clue how to access this file...

    You see, GameTap stores it's game data encrypted TWICE, until it is time for the game to be played, at which point it decrypts it to the aforementioned UNC address, which is not listed in the file allocation table...

    Unless you know exactly how to decrypt it, or brute force the decryption (which probably takes more than two weeks on any computer available to people who are willing to do it), or know how to access the game while it's stored decrypted, you probably won't be able to release this game pirated...

    And I have to say, finally, that people don't pirate games because they want to play them early. They pirate games because they want to play them FREE... I think it is more likely that piraters will be willing to wait 2 weeks until they can buy a copy, which will be MUCH easier to pirate...

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    [quote]IronCladChicken: I've never said anything about piracy. Stop putting words into my mouth.

    If I don't buy the game, I simply wont play it.[/quote]

    You're right, That was another poster - sorry man
    (still think you are overreacting though :D )

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