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Xbox One vs. PS4 - your decision?

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This is an unusual thread for me to open. But I'd really like to know how the Telltale community stands on the issue. Please provide additional detail as to your region (US, EU, etc.). Please try to not flame this one. It is for statistical purposes only. :)


"Undecided" is not an option! :D

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  • @thestalkinghead said: i said "I'm an Xbox360 owner and will buy a PS4." but it should really be "I'm a PC and Xbox360 owner and will (probably) buy a PS4 (when i have the spare cash).



    This. Exactly this.

  • I bought a PS3 slim (not super slim, just slim) on the cheap from eBay only about a year ago;

    I bought a black Wii from GameStop only 3 years ago;

    I bought a silver PS2 slim (I don't remember from where) well after it came out;

    I bought a black GameCube from someone on eBay, which came with Metroid Prime (and Zelda OOT Master Quest);

    ...the last (and only, I think) console I bought at launch was the Sega Dreamcast. And look how that turned out. ([EDIT:]I don't even think I got a Super Nintendo or N64 at launch. My parents gave me an NES for Christmas, so I think that might have been at launch, but then I didn't buy it myself so it doesn't count.[/EDIT])

    Still... I reeeally want a PS4 now because Sony fricken is awesome.

  • Only system I've ever had at launch was PS3. Backwards compatibility sold it. It was great until it developed issues during one of the Ratchet games. Eventually that stopped working after a couple years, then about a year after that it couldn't get through more than an hour of gameplay and it was just a blu-ray/media player. One day it just wouldn't even boot up. It had a good run, but I wont be buying anything at launch anymore.

  • ^same. red ring of death anyone?

  • US.

    Mostly play Nintendo games. I plan to stick with my Wii U/3DS.

  • 27 answers and only 2 say they will buy an xboxonexoxbox (whatever) and they are going to buy both, not looking good for x0x0bx0x

  • I will stick with my PC, it works and I can more or less get the same games the consoles will have.

    But if I had to choose between the two consoles, it will be a PS4 for sure, Xbox has clearly lost it and I for one will not waste my money in the exact same thing my television can do.

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    Jennifer Moderator

    I honestly have no idea. I don't plan on buying any next generation consoles any time soon. I'll probably get a PlayStation 3 first, before I get anything newer.

    Most likely the first one I'll pick up is a Wii U. I'll most likely get a PlayStation 4 at some point.

    Unless something major changes, I only plan on picking up an Xbox One if, after it's been discontinued, it's revealed the games can be played without online activation once the console's defunct. As I said before, I'm really wary of a DIVX-like situation. DIVX discs are completely useless now since the player can't authenticate with the server.

  • i think once the XboxOne is over it will be unusable, that is the problem with (modern) consoles they are temporary and that is why trading games is so prevalent because unlike the pc you can't just keep and play your games forever, the consoles will eventually break and become rare and expensive and basically obsolete

  • I think the real issue with XBone is that they're trying to do away with physical discs, and so are trying to make purchasing them moot. At the same time, they've gotten into bed with EA, and EA are schizophrenic about any potential piracy to the point of making their games unplayable to all /but/ the pirates.

    Couple that with the target market not being gamers, and the fact that the price point in no way meets their market... and you have a travesty beyond words.

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