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If Larry lived would he have caused even more trouble for Lee ?

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So yeah if Larry survived with CPR would he have caused so much trouble for Lee in the future ?
I can imagine that after they escape from the St Johns Larry would punch Lee and say that it's his fault for bringing them and Mark's death .
And when Ben makes the deal with the bandits Larry would accuse Lee and Carley ( or if you save Doug Lee and Ben ) of working with the bandits and make Lilly kick them out of of the group .
So if Larry survived would he caused more trouble for Lee ?

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  • I thought he'd start to gain alot of respect for lee, depending on your choices in the past, like being calm and respectful to him, giving him food with the rations and saving his life, he'd also realize it was partly his fault they went their in the first place. He'd probably criticize you for some of your choices, being a sort of "Moral Compass" plus, the whole Lilly stealing the RV thing would make more sense with him pushing you out, rather than Lilly somehow overpowering Lee like that ._.

  • Larry being alive could only bring positive situations imo. I love that guy.

  • I thought he'd already stated to come around a little. He'd still be an asshole but he's like that to everyone.

    Also I think he knew Lee was good for the group or He would have told the group about Lee's past during that 3 months.

  • I have a feeling that he would start to loosen up a bit. A criminal has saved his life twice, which would probably clue him in that the criminal he despised is actually not that bad of a person Larry thinks he is.

    It would have been an opporuntity for Larry to rethink his attitude and try to be less agressive and confrontational, and still keep his 'charm' around since it wouldn't be Larry without it.

  • Yeah, he'd still be trouble. I can't ever see him gaining any respect for Lee, especially when he told me that I "Went out of my way to be an asshole to him" even though I had barely talked to him since arriving at the dairy. Even if he did come around A LITTLE, he'd still be an ass to everyone else in the group. During the argument in the road, he might have even taken a shot before Lilly did.

  • his heart condition would be worse, he would probably be weak for a long time without any real medical aid (he might not recover before having another heart attack) he would most likely be really grumpy and not able to do much for months

  • Hard to say. I doubt there'd be an immediate positive turnaround in his relationship with Lee, considering that three months after saving him in the drugstore didn't ease suspicion, but a sort of mutual understanding may have been possible.

    Group conflict could have gone either way. Lilly may have kept more stability after supplies were stolen, but Larry would probably have wanted to throttle the suspect in her stead.

  • I actually see Larry being more kind to Lee. Still a dick, but slightly more bearable.

  • I think Larry would be more kind to Lee, but he would still always side with Lilly causing more tension between Lilly and Kenny.
    Maybe he would've talked some sense into Lilly when she was going crazy with the helping the bandits accusations.

  • Carley/Doug would still be alive mainly because Larry being as paranoid as he is, might have actually caught Ben in the act...

    or he didn't force everyone out of the RV to interrogate the suspected thief, probably out of fear of being ambushed by walkers while doing a melodramatic inner-drama. He could probably have apologized to Lee as well for leaving him in the drugstore.

    He would probably be against the idea of allowing Omid and Chrsita to join their group if he made it that far (could have still stole the RV), though that didn't stop Lee from joining in EP1. I think he will mostly die again in Crawford though, maybe even in Brie's place (biggest guy hold the door, right?)

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