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Monkey Island Photography

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Hi to everyone!

My name is Luca and I'm a young italian photographer.
I always loved, since childhood, the Monkey Island games. Loved the music, the backgrounds, the character, the jokes, the puzzles…everything! They always inspired me, so I thought it was a nice idea to do some personal project on it. I always wondered how those places will look like if they were real, or if they were part of a movie. So I started crafting, piece by piece, little photographic sets (or dioramas) trying to copy screenshots taken from the original games. Now I will share the results with you to know your opinion about that, and maybe to inspire someon else :D

If you, by any chance, know the cousin of the neighbour of the friend of the sister in law of the father of the mailman of the uncle of the man who sold a previously used coffin of someone who worked on the Monkey Island game and would show him those images you'll do me the greatest favor in the world, because I would love them to see how much they inspired me.

Please don't be mad if you see a similar post on other forums, it's because I'm trying to reach a larger number of Monkey Island fans.


I hope I didn't violated any formu rule or similar things. If I have, I apologize and will provide to modify so that it will be right.

(I'm sorry for the mistakes, as you can see enlish is not my native language).

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