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The radio in the hotel room

posted by Robert Morgan on - last edited - Viewed by 375 users

Just recently, I found out that you can take Clem's radio with you after killing the Stranger (if you don't surrender your weapons), although Lee ends up losing it along the way.

But just as you exit the room with Clementine, there's a very clear shot of Lee and Clem in the B.G., and the table in the foreground. Depending on what you did, the radio is either on the table, or gone. Also, it's interesting to note that the player has a choice of shooting the Stranger in the head, thus preventing reanimation, or leaving him to turn into a walker.

Does anyone think Telltale will have the radio and the conditions of the Stranger's death play a role in S2, or could they just be a red herring? Could somebody else come across that room after Lee and Clem are gone?

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  • I figured it would either involve a new character from the motel or from the store Lee was at. Since my walkie-talkie is at the Motel, I'd get that character. I guess it would be a situational character you find in season 2. Or maybe it is the entire decision who is the PC of season 2.

    Anyway, it'd be interesting to see it play a part in season 2.

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