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Problem in Episode 5 (PS3)

posted by Kaylinl on - last edited - Viewed by 606 users

I seem to be stuck after completing the actual gameplay part of the game.

After the screen that shows the main choices I made, the game goes to a screen which shows 5 of the characters (most would be dead or missing) and I'm assuming it is supposed to show a short summary on all of them, but instead, all I have is blank space under their pictures and a prompt to press X to continue.

Pressing X on the controller doesn't actually do anything, so I have to force a quit via XMB to get out of it.

Any advice on the situation would be welcome.

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    MattP Telltale Staff

    What region are you located in (US, Canada, Europe, etc)? When you start the game while connected to the Playstation Network, are you prompted to install a patch?

    When you navigate to the Game Data Utility option on your PS3 XMB, and select The Walking Dead, what version number is listed? If you delete this data and then restart the game, you will be prompted to reinstall updates. After reinstalling these updates what version is listed now?

  • Apologies on the slow reply, but we had a solstice related holiday weekend up here and this was the first chance I got on since posting the original message.

    I'm in Europe and I'm basically always connected online. I haven't received any patch prompts beyond the version it is now (v 1.05).

    I can't actually find the game mentioned under Game Data Utility, but I am assuming that is because it was fully downloaded via PSN and after installing shows and runs from the normal location.

    I deleted the whole installed game earlier last week and downloaded all episodes from PSN (had the same problem with the original install and I assumed something got corrupt somewhere), before installing them in sequential order and the exact same issue is still present.

    If there's any other information you'd like me to dig up, just let me know.

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