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[SPOILERS]The Walking Dead episode 5 and entire game REVIEW thread

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Yup, this is it. Post your long and short, detailed or general, random or specific thoughts about the last episode and concluding thoughts about the Season right here.


(poll rates the whole game, not just episode 5)

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  • If I want to go into extreme detail

    Episode 1: 9/10

    Episode 2:9.5/10

    Episode 3: 9.5/10

    Episode 4: 9.5/10

    Episode 5; 11/10

    over all it's a 10/10 and my favorite game I have ever played.

  • The game was great i loved it. The special bonding with Clementine and Lee being her protector, friend and father-like figure made the game so special. The final scene of the game where Clementine finds out her parents are dead (they are walkers) and Lee dying and seeing Clem so distress not wanting Lee to die and when he finally dies is so sad to see Clem distress face, i chose Clem to shoot Lee before he turns and it was a very hard choose to make. It makes me so sad that she is all alone now her parents are gone, Lee is gone. I just hope she will find Christa and Omid and they will take care of her when season 2 starts. The ending after credits shows a distress, sad and all alone little girl seating in the fields all alone and in the distance she see's two figures and they stop and look at Clem direction is that Christa and Omid? or are they walkers? if they r walkers then will it be the test for her to survive in this post-apocalyptic world.

    game for me is a 10/10 mainly because of Clementine and Lee & their special bonding, they are the ones that made this game so special, it wouldn't be the same without them. I feel so sad that Lee is gone now and who will Clementine grow attached to now, who will protect her? I wish he didn't die. The last scene was my favorite being it was a very strong and emotional scene, this is what games should be about...

    When is season 2 coming out?

  • I believe that your choices absolutely matter. Never at any point did I play the Walking Dead to get an ending. I played to experience a story and while, sure, some of those decision points were a little obvious and a little binary, the story was still mine. So I refute anyone who claims that Telltale delivered anything less than a completely personal narrative. The story is not its ending.

    Also, people who think that it's a bad thing that a story can lead you down one path and trick you to another (head upstairs, find weapons, SHIT THE FRONT DOOR etc etc) aren't empathising with Lee the way the ought to. It's the apocalypse, Lee knows fuck all and ditto for you. The narrative would be worse off if the ragtag survivors could plan/tactically assess their way out of everything. Suspend your disbelief and let the narrative do its job.

    Furthermore, ambiguity is the lifeblood of a good story. Sure, closure's nice but ambiguity lets you draw your own conclusions, develop your own interpretations. If they had spelled out the result of every single choice as I made them I would've been sickened. The epilogue to me felt sincere since I could close on that wondering how Clementine would develop, whether she was safe. It sticks in my mind precisely because the story ain't quite over, which is the way it will be in such a genre. (And even if a cash ploy, so what? I want Telltale to get money for this and if they want to keep that thread a bit open to exploit then I'll roll with it. Writing sequels is impossible if you close all threads. The Walking Dead ends when the zombies are done.)

    Since it was so rich with variation, choice, character development and elicited honest-to-goodness emotions: 10/10.

  • I had to register after finishing playing this game. I have been through a lot of games and they never cracked me. TWD did it. Thanks, TellTale.

    I give it a solid ten. Why? The final scene with Lee and Clem made a adult, married man cry like a little girl. Lord, I cried. I was HOPING that cutting my own arm would have give me the time, the two hours, to get Clem out of that lunatic's hand into safety. At first I had chosen Kenny. That dialog represented what I felt: the dude will do anything to anyone to keep his family alive and I wanted Clem to be safe afterall. When Kenny was MIA I told Omid and his girl to keep my little girl safe. I was hoping that I could deliver Clem to them, kiss her goodbye and just walk away and suicide far away from her so she didn't had to see me like that. Boy, I was wrong.

    I kind of liked that TellTale didn't gave me that chance. I think the grandfinalle served a purpose. That last conversation with lee (always grab the gun first, you did good, always keep moving) will help her survive in this mad dog world. Killing Lee ultimately showed her that no matter how much she love someone, you never let him or her turn, that's worse than death. And also, never let yourself trapped. Never.

    Anyway, I know I'm six months late on this topic but I had to say it.

    Bravo, dudes. You made me cry and that was a platinum achievement for y'all.

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  • It was fantastic! The end moved me more than any other game ever has done!

  • Telltale made me more have more affection towards Clementine than I do to my own family...

    I love almost make me want her to be killed just so I don't have to worry about her fate anymore.

  • @CaveRave said: Telltale made me more have more affection towards Clementine than I do to my own family...

    I love almost make me want her to be killed just so I don't have to worry about her fate anymore.

    Well this is creepy lol.

  • @CaveRave said: Telltale made me more have more affection towards Clementine than I do to my own family...

    I love almost make me want her to be killed just so I don't have to worry about her fate anymore.

    remind me to not let you in my group when the zombie apocalypse happens.

  • I have no idea what the future holds, it can't be good.

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